6 Microsoft Software Licences That Are Free For Charities and Nonprofits

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Lots of Microsoft 365 software licences for charities are offered at no charge! This includes a range of nonprofit licences and subscriptions which benefits lots of charity organisations’ productivity and efficiency when using Microsoft apps.

Microsoft is retiring its on-premises Donation products in April 2022. Depending on nonprofit responsiveness, your charity could be without its donated software by the end of 2021. The decision comes as part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to streamline its services and provide customers with better options for donating securely online via the cloud. However, there are now some key opportunities to acquire Microsoft software licences for charities to empower their employees and unpaid executives.

Technology utilising cloud services is definitely the way forward. Not only are there so many new and efficient features that can be done via the cloud, but Microsoft has also had the chance to increase the free licences to key software available for eligible nonprofit organisations.

Microsoft 365 software licence for charities

Microsoft 365 Software Licences for Charities

1. Microsoft 365 Business Basic

The first of the Microsoft 365 software licences for charities is Microsoft 365 Business Basic. The software uses cloud services to help nonprofit staff and volunteers stay connected and productive. It provides users with the convenient features of Office 365 applications, enterprise-grade security, and advanced data protection. The subscription also includes Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business, giving users access to all the tools they need to collaborate and work remotely.

Also, eligible nonprofits of up to 300 users can receive a free Microsoft grant. Microsoft is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible technology and tools to help nonprofits of all sizes achieve their missions.

2. Microsoft 365 Business Premium 

Microsoft 365 Business Premium for nonprofits is a subscription-based cloud solution designed to support the unique needs of nonprofit organisations. It includes all the features of Microsoft 365 Business Basic, plus premium services such as Outlook Customer Manager, Microsoft MyAnalytics, and Exchange Online Archiving. Nonprofits can also benefit from robust security features such as data loss prevention and advanced threat protection. With Microsoft 365 Business Premium for nonprofits, organisations can keep their data protected while maximising digital productivity.

In addition to online office apps, charity organisations receive a subscription to desktop applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for up to five computers per user

With Business Premium, their package for eligible nonprofit organisations is completely free for the first 10 users. If your charity exceeds 10 users, the cost is £4.10 per user per month for small to medium organisations.

3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise 

 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales enterprise is another great example of a free Microsoft software licence for charities. Its cloud based environment and comprehensive set of tools is ideal for nonprofits looking to maximise sales performance. It provides nonprofit staff and volunteers with tools to automate sales processes, track customer interactions, and manage relationships. The subscription offers features such as relationship conversion intelligence, team selling capabilities, and data analytics to gain insights into customer trends. All of these tools and features can ultimately improve nonprofit responsiveness to requests.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise is available for free with a Microsoft grant for up to 5 users.

4. Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps for nonprofits is a cloud-based platform designed to help nonprofits create custom applications. It’s easy to use, with no need for coding knowledge, and provides a wide range of features such as drag-and-drop user interface components, integration with other apps and services, and the ability to store data on secure servers. With Microsoft Power Apps, organisations can quickly customise the applications they need to better serve their constituents.

This is another Microsoft licence that eligible nonprofit organisations can get free with Microsoft grant for up to 10 users.

5. Microsoft Power BI Desktop

Microsoft Power BI Desktop for nonprofits is a powerful visualisation and analysis tool that helps organisations make sense of big data. It is a premises software, which means that you can download it directly onto your computer. It offers an intuitive interface to quickly create engaging visuals, dashboards, and interactive reports from multiple sources of data. With Power BI Desktop for nonprofits, users can identify trends and insights to gain a better understanding of their organisation’s performance and make informed decisions about the future.

Again, this is another licence that is free for nonprofits who receive eligibility validation from Microsoft. It can be of huge benefit to their employees and unpaid executives and, even more significantly, there is no limit on users.

6. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure for nonprofits is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that enables nonprofits to access world-class technologies at a discounted rate. It offers essential tools, including virtual machines, storage services, backup solutions, analytics and machine learning. In addition, it provides users with ability to create custom applications. With Microsoft Azure for nonprofits, organisations can take advantage of advanced features such as automated security updates and scalability to meet the ever-changing needs of their constituents.

This licence is free for eligible nonprofits when receiving the Azure annual grant of £3,500.

Microsoft 365 software licence for charities

Final Thoughts on Microsoft Software Licences for Charities

Free Microsoft Software Licences for Charities are an excellent way to boost a charity’s technological capabilities without breaking the bank. Microsoft offers discounted or free products such as Office 365, Windows 10 and Azure, which can help increase efficiency and productivity amongst nonprofit staff and volunteers while lowering a charity’s expenses. With such a wide range of options available, charities have the power to choose the best solution for their organisation.

Do you need some advice on how Microsoft 365 could benefit your charity or nonprofit? Book your free Microsoft 365 consultation below with one of our IT experts. 

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