A Charity Guide to Microsoft Teams Updates

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Microsoft Teams, an integral part of the Microsoft 365 suite, has become an essential tool for enhancing collaboration and driving project goals in the sector. By staying current with the latest software updates, your team can maximise their output. In March 2024, Microsoft launched a new version of Teams, introducing new features and improvements designed to streamline communication and processes further.

This guide aims to keep your charity informed about the new Microsoft Teams update. We will regularly update you with the latest updates and information on Microsoft Teams, ensuring that your organisation remains at the forefront of technological efficiency.

Why Keeping Teams Updated Matters for Your Nonprofit

Keeping Teams updated is fundamental for nonprofits looking to harness the extensive benefits Microsoft Teams. While Teams updates are automatically rolled out, it is vital to ensure that all following updates are enabled. Here are some reasons why keeping your Teams updated matter:

  1. Bug fixes and new features
  2. Increased productivity and collaboration
  3. Security and compliance

Bug Fixes and New Features

Regularly updating your Teams, whether using the desktop or web app, ensures that your nonprofit can continually access the latest features available. These updates also help resolve any bugs in the software.

Increase Productivity and Collaboration

For nonprofits leveraging Microsoft Teams when remote working, staying up to date with the latest features is essential. Updates often introduce tools that streamline workflows and enhance communications and collaboration.

Security and Compliance

Updates in Microsoft Teams often include critical security enhancements that protect against new threats and vulnerabilities. By keeping Teams updated, nonprofits can ensure they remain compliant with data protection regulations.

Staying proactive with these updates not only optimises the functionality of Teams but also fortifies your nonprofit’s operational infrastructure.

microsoft teams update

What’s New in Microsoft Teams?

With the launch of the new Microsoft Teams update, users have been automatically updated as of 31st March 2023. The new Microsoft Teams update will significantly enhance charity operations by increasing efficiency, streamlining communications, and adding an increased layer of personalisation.

Let’s explore everything there is to know about the new Teams app, including the user-friendly improvements and some more technical aspects. 

Whether you’re interested in understanding the finer details of the interface or want to get a comprehensive look at the new features, this will provide you with the essential information you need to make the most out of the updated platform.

Microsoft Teams Updates: May 2024

Microsoft stated, “Since the preview launch in March 2023, we have made significant progress in ensuring that our most used and most loved features in the classic Teams are also available in the new experience.” This commitment to maintaining and enhancing the platform signifies a development approach to the new Microsoft Teams

One notable change is how Teams handles notifications. Windows Notification in Teams has now transitioned to managing all notifications internally. This allows users to configure their notification preferences directly within the Teams Settings. This helps to streamline the process and ensure that users can tailor notification settings to better suit their work.

Additionally, Microsoft has released a list of Teams known issues that are valuable for your nonprofit to be aware of to stay ahead of potential challenges.

Microsoft Teams Update: March 2024

The March 2024 update of Microsoft Teams introduced a collection of features designed to enhance user experience and processes. Microsoft has shared the new Teams infographic along with a detailed article explaining what’s new in Teams.

Key enhancements of Teams include improved meeting capabilities with better integration of apps and tools within meetings, streamlined communication features that allow for more effective collaboration, and increased personalisation options to help tailor workspaces. 

This update highlights Microsoft’s commitment to continuous improvement and its dedication to making Teams an even more powerful tool.

Tips for Managing Updates

Staying on top of the latest updates in Microsoft Teams is crucial for maximising their potential and ensuring your charity operates at peak efficiency. 

Here are some tips for keeping notified about updates and successful adoption within your organisation:

  1. Notification settings
  2. Training and adoption
  3. Troubleshooting

Notification Settings

To stay informed about Teams updates, your outsourced managed IT team or individuals within your organisation must adjust their notification settings within Teams. This ensures that notifications about upcoming updates and changes are received promptly. 

Training and Adoption

Implementing training sessions for your staff and volunteers is essential for the successful adoption of all new Teams features. Consider regular workshops or webinars that focus on the latest updates, providing hands-on experiences and practical applications within your charity’s context. Training should be ongoing to help your team become proficient with new tools and features.


It’s important to have a strategy in place for troubleshooting any issues that might arise following an update. Create a protocol for reporting any problems and designate team members or your outsourced IT team to address these issues swiftly. Having a clear process will minimise downtime and ensure that your team can continue to work effectively.

Closing Thoughts on Microsoft Teams Update

Staying up to date with Microsoft Teams’ latest updates not only is about leveraging new tools, but also about seizing opportunities to enhance your nonprofit’s operations.

The new features introduced by Microsoft promise significant benefits, including streamlined workflows, robust security, and enhanced integration for remote working. These advancements are designed to empower nonprofit organisations by improving efficiency and enabling more effective fulfilment of their missions.

By staying informed through this blog and exploring our 7 strategies for maximising Microsoft Teams, your nonprofit organisation can take advantage of everything the new Microsoft Teams has to offer.


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