Supercharge Charity Remote Working with Microsoft Teams

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Charities and nonprofit organisations aim to provide a meaningful impact in the world, often with limited resources. With remote work becoming the new normal, charities need to find ways to collaborate effectively and efficiently. Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that can help charities of all sizes communicate more effectively and ultimately make a bigger impact on your charity workforce.

In this blog, we’ll look into enhancing remote work with Microsoft Teams. We will delve into the many features Microsoft Teams has to offer and how these can benefit nonprofit employees who are unable to meet face to face.

remote working with microsoft teams

Why remote work and why now?

There are ample benefits of remote working for charities, particularly in the current digital world. Remote work can reduce overhead costs such as rent and utilities and it provides more flexibility for employees.

With the rise of digital technologies and the increasing acceptance of remote working, charities that embrace remote work now are well-positioned to stay ahead of the curve and continue to make a meaningful impact in the future. There are several applications on the market that will help your charity to efficiently work remotely. One of the most popular on the market is Microsoft Teams, which is available with Microsoft 365 for charities.

According to nfpResearch, a market research agency, nearly one third of charities are now working fully remotely and less than one in 20 charity staff go to their office five days a week. This just shows the progression of remote working since the Covid pandemic and how more charities are migrating to a more flexible working solution.

Benefits of using MS Teams for remote working

There are many benefits of Microsoft Teams for nonprofits, below are the main benefits of using Microsoft Teams for charities.

  1. Effective management of remote workforce
  2. Streamline communication when remote working
  3. Collaborate with ease from anywhere
  4. Increase employee productivity

Nonprofits can benefit greatly from Microsoft Teams project management capabilities and this extends to effective management of your charity’s remote workforce. As Teams integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft tools you’re able to manage your charity workforce all in one place whilst also streamlining communication.

Another key benefit of Microsoft Teams is its ability to collaborate and increase employee productivity. With Teams, charities can collaborate on projects in real-time and share documents and files. This enhances employee productivity. 

Let’s delve into more of the specific benefits of remote working with Microsoft Teams for charities

remote working with microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams can enable you to offer remote or hybrid work

Microsoft Teams allows your charity staff to choose the best working solution for their productivity. Whether you’re fully remote or taking a hybrid approach, using Microsoft Teams will ensure easy and efficient communication between charity staff. Microsoft Teams allows you to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. As most charities now have a remote working policy in place, most people are looking for this when looking into jobs or volunteering. 

Whether you’re working in the office or across the world, your staff can collaborate on the same documents, communicate at any time of the day and seamlessly integrate all of their Microsoft apps in one place.

Microsoft Teams streamlines communication for a remote workforce

Another great benefit of remote working with Microsoft Teams is that it streamlines communication. With Teams, your staff are able to chat, video call, schedule meetings and generally stay in contact from anywhere in the world securely. Microsoft Teams also has collaborative notes, so if your charity staff are working on the same project they’re able to update the notes from their end.

Microsoft Teams also integrates with Outlook. This means that when using Teams to schedule meetings with your team or donors, your Outlook will also update in accordance. This helps to streamline your communication further.

Microsoft Teams helps dispersed workers feel like part of a team

If your charity has staff and volunteers working in different areas of the country or even the world, it’s so important to keep them connected and feel like part of a team. Sometimes working from home can have an isolating impact on individuals. If they work remotely full-time you can imagine the toal this may take on their mental health and productivity. 

With Microsoft Teams, you can feel connected with all of your staff and team from any part of the globe. It can also be used to bring in remote celebrations and events for your charity so that all remote workers can join and catch-up with colleagues. Microsoft Teams helps to keep your employees and volunteers connected online!

Microsoft Teams helps remote employee productivity

Some employers may think that having staff that are fully remote workers will decrease their productivity. However, that isn’t the case! In fact, home workers are 13% more productive than in-office staff. With the advancement in technology, remote workers are able to access everything they would do in the office space as they would do working remotely.

Microsoft Teams is a great way to help channel this productivity. MS Teams offers all the right tools to make working remotely productive and efficient. It’s a great way to channel the home workers’ productivity across the whole team, even with those who remain working in the office.

remote working with microsoft teams

Closing Remarks on Remote Working with Microsoft Teams

In conclusion, remote working with Microsoft Teams is an excellent solution for charities looking to supercharge their remote working capabilities. With its many features and benefits, such as real-time collaboration and seamless integration, Teams can help charities work more effectively, communicate more efficiently and enhance their working environments. By embracing remote work, charities can broaden their talent pool, reduce costs and adapt to changing circumstances. By leveraging Microsoft Teams, charities can take their remote work to the next level and continue to make a positive difference in the world.

Does your charity offer remote work? Contact us for a free consultation and discover how your workforce can benefit from using Microsoft Teams.

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