Nonprofits and charities questions: Is Microsoft 365 safe and reliable?

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In today’s evolving digital landscape, charities are more aware of the power of technology. The opportunity for easier collaboration and communication between nonprofit staff came to the fore when hybrid working was introduced. Microsoft 365 is software that can facilitate this. It’s a comprehensive suite of cloud-based applications designed to enhance productivity and workflows.

However, when it comes to implementing new digital technologies, especially for charity organisations that handle sensitive data, the main concern is safety and reliability. This is why we often get asked by our charity clients: Is Microsoft 365 safe and reliable? The answer is: Yes, Microsoft 365 safe and reliable for your charity.

And, this blog post will delve into the key aspects of Microsoft 365’s safety and reliability for nonprofit staff and volunteers. We’ll explore the great security features offered by the software and examine its compliance.

Is Microsoft 365 safe and reliable?

What is Microsoft 365 and why is it good for Charities?

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Microsoft Office 365, is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based productivity tools and services offered by Microsoft. Microsoft 365 apps include the familiar applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook with powerful cloud services such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and more. Microsoft 365 for charities offers tailored licencing and multiple features to aid nonprofits. There are 5 top benefits of Microsoft 365 for charities:

Microsoft 365 offers charities a discounted rate on their licencing. Microsoft 365 has a range of apps that are cost-effective for nonprofits.

As well as this, Microsoft 365 offers a variety of apps. This increases productivity as your charity has access to multiple services and apps to help day-to-day tasks.

Microsoft 365 for Charities offers flexibility and scalability for all organisations. As it’s a cloud-based environment, the flexibility is endless between your staff and volunteers.

One of the most important benefits of Microsoft 365 in a digital world is its cyber security tools. Microsoft 365 provides enhanced security and compliance solutions to help protect sensitive data.

Last but not least, Microsoft’s support and training. Microsoft 365 for Charities offers free training resources online as well as 24/7 support.

Microsoft 365 offers free and discounted Microsoft software licences for charities. You can find more information on Microsoft 365’s pricing plans here.. Charities do have to ensure that they meet Microsoft’s eligibility criteria to qualify For Microsoft 365 for charities. But gaining Microsoft nonprofit status is simple. The image below provided by Microsoft details who is able to use the Microsoft 365 licence within a nonprofit organisation. It includes grant offers, discounts and volunteer benefits.

Microsoft eligible nonprofit

What security features does Microsoft 365 offer?

Microsoft 365 for Charities invests heavily in ongoing support and security for all users. It also comes with inbuilt security features including:

  1. Data Encryption – Microsoft 365 employs robust data encryption measures to ensure the security of sensitive data. Encryption is a fundamental component of Microsoft’s approach to protecting data at rest and in transit.
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – Microsoft 365 MFA adds an extra layer of security to charity staff’s accounts. It provides additional verification factors to prove their identity.
  3. Advanced Threat Protection – Microsoft 365’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is their advanced security solution designed to detect, protect and respond to advanced cyber threats that may target charity organisations.
  4. Data Loss Prevention – Microsoft 365’s Data Loss Prevention is designed to prevent sensitive data from being unintentionally or maliciously leaked or shared outside of the nonprofit organisation.
  5. Mobile Device Management – Mobile Device Management on Microsoft 365 enables charities to manage and secure mobile devices used by their staff or volunteers.
  6. Secure Collaboration Tools (eg Teams, OneDrive) – Microsoft 365 has a range of secure collaboration tools that enable effective team collaboration and communication.
  7. Security Updates and Patches – Microsoft regularly releases security updates and patches to address vulnerabilities and protect against emerging threats.

Is Microsoft 365 safe and reliable?

Scalable Cyber Security Options for Nonprofits

Microsoft 365 for Charities offers some cyber security scalable options. This can be for both Microsoft 365 Business Basic and Microsoft 365 Business Premium licences and can be up-scaled with charity specific extra protection. These scalable cyber security options help to protect charity’s sensitive data specifically based on their needs.

An example of a scalable cyber security solution that Microsoft has to offer is Microsoft Sentinel. The security tool used is Azure which simplifies security operations with intelligent analysis and will scale to your charity as you grow.

Alternatively, nonprofit organisations can apply for AccountGuard for Nonprofits. This is a cyber security solution that adds an extra layer of protection to sensitive data or highly-targeted organisations. Charities with eligible Microsoft nonprofit status can enrol for AccountGuard at no additional cost. It offers a variety of security benefits from best-practice guidance, response recommendations, workshops, identity protection and a direct line of Microsoft’s support

Final Thoughts on Nonprofits and charities questions: Is Microsoft 365 safe and reliable?

After exploring the safety and reliability of Microsoft 365 for charities, it is evident that the suite of cloud-based tools is a secure and dependable choice for nonprofits. Microsoft 365 offers robust data encryption measures, ensuring that charity’s sensitive data remains protected. Microsoft’s commitment to security is shown by its regular security updates and patches. This ensures the apps and services within Microsoft 365 are resilient against emerging threats.

Furthermore, Microsoft 365 empowers charitable organisations to embrace today’s digital tools and achieve their goals with enhanced efficiency, and collaboration all whilst being secure.

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