How To Get Nonprofit Status on Microsoft

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If you’re a nonprofit organisation looking to cut costs, make the most of available discounts and even further your cause, getting Microsoft nonprofit status could be a great option. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the steps involved in getting your nonprofit status approved, along with Microsoft nonprofit eligibility and all the fantastic benefits that come with Microsoft charity licensing.

What is Microsoft Nonprofit Status and Microsoft Charity Licensing?

Nonprofit status is an organisational designation given by certain governments or other organisations for organisations whose purpose lies in providing charitable services to those in need. Organisations with nonprofit status have the opportunity for organisations to gain access to resources such as discounted rates from vendors, government grants, and more that can help these organisations further their causes even more.

How to apply for NPO and charity status with Microsoft?

The first step is finding out whether your organisation meets the Microsoft nonprofit status criteria. If eligible, simply head over to Microsoft’s charity status overview where you can apply. They offer step-by-step instructions to make this process as easy as possible.

Microsoft non-profit status

What are the requirements for nonprofit status with Microsoft?

Microsoft nonprofit eligibility criteria focuses on three main elements:

  • Organisation
  • Mission
  • Non-discrimination

Let’s dive a bit deeper into each of the Microsoft charity eligibility criteria on the list.


Microsoft charity eligibility outlines that a qualifying organisation must be a:

  • Nonprofit or non-governmental organisation with recognized legal status in their respective country (equal to 501(c)(3) status under the United States Internal Revenue Code)
  • Public library that provides general library services without charge to all residents of a given community, district or region; or
  • Public museum, including public or private institutions, open to the public, that conserve and exhibit tangible objects for purposes of cultural preservation, education, or aesthetic enjoyment.


It is not enough to just meet the 3 point criteria above. To meet Microsoft charity licensing eligibility, organisations must also operate on a not-for-profit basis and have a mission to benefit the local community. This could include but is not limited to:

  • providing relief to the poor 
  • advancing education
  • improving social welfare
  • preserving culture
  • preserving or restoring the environment
  • promoting human rights, just to list a few.


The last point under the Microsoft nonprofit eligibility criteria is non-discrimination. Microsoft values and respects individual and cultural differences. It is committed to providing an inclusive environment that is welcoming and free from discrimination.

Therefore, organisations are not eligible to participate in the Microsoft nonprofit program if they have a policy or mission of discrimination in areas such as hiring, compensation, promotion, termination, retirement, training, programs, and much more. The full list can be found under Microsoft’s eligibility criteria.

Microsoft charity status

Who and How You Can Use The Microsoft License As a Nonprofit?


Microsoft Grants are available to eligible nonprofit organisations; This includes receiving grants for cloud services like Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365, Surface hardware, on-premises software, and digital skilling.

Under the Microsoft charity licensing, Microsoft also offers discounted licenses to eligible nonprofits which are applicable to all services that grants apply to, mentioned above. Find out more about Microsoft Grants & Discounted Licenses.


The image below provided by Microsoft details who is able to use the Microsoft nonprofit license within a nonprofit organisation. It includes grant offers, discounts and volunteer benefits.

Microsoft nonprofit status roles
Source: Microsoft

3 Tips For Completing the Application Successfully

1 – Check Microsoft Guidelines

Check Microsoft’s guidelines to ensure your organisation is eligible to receive nonprofit status; This can give access to grants, discounts on licensing and much more.

2 – Make sure you’re registered with a charities house

You need to be registered with a charity house before applying for a Microsoft charity status. This can be achieved through Charity Digital. Charity Digital is known for helping charities #BeMoreDigital through inspiring content, access to the UK’s only discounted and donated technology platform and connection to the best digital talent in the sector.

3 – Review all Licensing

Make sure to review all available Microsoft charity licensing, including ensuring whether Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise packages are right for your organisation.


In conclusion, if your organisation is looking to make use of the available support and discounts out there, then applying for nonprofit status through Microsoft is definitely worth considering. With it comes access to plenty of resources that can help propel any mission forward into a success!

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