Enhancing Charity Security: Microsoft Intune’s Role in Device Management

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In an increasingly digital world, robust cyber security is highly important. Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management solution. Its main function is to provide a comprehensive suite of tools to help strengthen security measures against cyber security threats. Microsoft Intune simplifies app management and supports data protection on all devices used within an organisation.

In the last 12 months, charities across the UK have been involved in 785,000 cyber crimes (source: Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023. There are many causes of charity cyber attacks.  But Microsoft Intune’s endpoint security policies look to address these. It essentially takes care of your device security and risk mitigation.

A comprehensive cyber security strategy should lie at the heart of digital transformation for charities. That’s why exploring tools such as the Microsoft Intune suite can be so beneficial to charity IT and Procurement departments.  Let’s find out more about getting started with Microsoft Intune and its role in device management.

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What is Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management solution that combines device management and security solutions into one suite. Microsoft Intune’s core capabilities include cross-platform endpoint management, built-in security, mobile application management and endpoint analytics. These features allow organisations to manage user access to resources, simplify device management, and have security measures in place to protect sensitive data.

Microsoft Intune is important for charity organisations as they often handle confidential information, ensuring the need for a secure device management solution. With Microsoft Intune, charities can improve their device management and know which staff or volunteer is able to access what data.

The Features of Microsoft Intune for Charities

Microsoft Intune for charities has multiple features that offer several benefits. Let’s take a look at what Microsoft Intune can do for your organisation and how it can benefit your operation:

  1. Built-in endpoint security: Charities often handle sensitive data, such as donor or beneficiary information. Intune’s built-in endpoint security feature helps protect this data from cyber threats, as well as ensuring compliance with security policies and protecting the trust of stakeholders.
  2. Cross-platform endpoint management: Many charities operate on various platforms due to budget constraints. Microsoft Intune’s cross-platform support allows organisations to manage and secure all their devices in one suite.
  3. Mobile application management: This feature is crucial for charities that rely on mobile applications for fundraising or project management. It enables management over how staff and volunteers use these apps, helping to protect sensitive data.
  4. Endpoint analytics: Endpoint analytics can help charities optimise their current IT resources by providing insights into device performance and proactively addressing any issues found. This will improve productivity and also reduce IT costs.
  5. Speciality and shared devices for frontline workers: Microsoft Intune is able to lock down devices for specific or shared tasks. It ensures that devices are used efficiently and securely at all times.
  6. Microsoft Intune Remote Help: Remote Help can assist charities with remote working teams. It allows IT admins to provide assistance to users, reducing downtime and enhancing overall productivity.
  7. Device Management: Effective device management is critical for charities to ensure compliance with their policies. With Microsoft Intune, charities can manage user access and device settings, update devices remotely, and secure data in case a device is lost or stolen.

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Microsoft Intune Benefits for Charity Cyber Security

Microsoft Intune has a multitude of benefits when it comes to cyber security for charities. This includes centralised control, device management, endpoint management and more. Let’s find out more benefits of charity cyber security when implementing Microsoft Intune:

  1. Centralised Control: Microsoft Intune provides a unified management dashboard that simplifies device and data control within the charity. The centralised control helps ensure consistent application of security policies and overall reducing the risk of data breaches.
  2. Device Management: Intune enhances device management by offering features such as remote device wiping, policy enforcement, and application distribution. As charities often handle sensitive data, device management is essential to protect this data on every device within the organisation.
  3. Meeting Legal and Cyber Security Requirements: With advanced security measures like mobile threat defence, Intune helps charities meet cyber security requirements. This helps safeguard your sensitive data and ensures compliance with regulations.
  4. Access to Business Apps: Intune facilitates secure access to business apps. This enables your organisation to work efficiently and with ease from any location. This really helps if your organisation has remote teams or volunteers who need access to organisational resources.
  5. Improved Security and Reduced Attack Vectors: Microsoft Intune has robust endpoint security that reduces potential attack vectors. This is critical for charities as it minimises the risk of data breaches and helps maintain trust with donors and beneficiaries.
  6. Simplified Endpoint Management: Intune simplifies endpoint management with its cross-platform support and device management. This is beneficial for organisations that use a variety of devices and operating systems.
  7. Cost Savings: By combining device management and security into a single solution, Intune can help your charity save on IT costs.
  8. Value Addition to Office 365: For charities that already use Office 365, Intune adds value by integrating seamlessly. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation’s day-to-day operations as your staff and volunteers can find their apps all in one place.

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Microsoft Intune Pricing

Microsoft Intune provides a range of plans and pricing options for charities. These plans offer a range of features and capabilities and come under Microsoft 365 for charities licensing.

Plan 1 is a comprehensive solution that includes basic endpoint management capabilities and key features such as mobile device management, mobile application management, PC management, and data protection controls. This plan is included with subscriptions to Microsoft 365 E3, E5, or F1. It has a starting price of £6.60 per user.

Plan 2 is an add-on to Plan 1, this offers advanced endpoint management capabilities such as advanced threat protection, detailed analytics, and proactive remediation capabilities. The pricing for Plan 2 starts from £3.30 per user.

Intune Suite is another add-on to Plan 1, this unifies advanced endpoint management and security solutions in one plan. The suite offers enhanced capabilities, including advanced threat analytics, automated investigation and response, and integrated security management. The pricing for Intune Suite starts from £8.20 per user.

Microsoft Grants for nonprofits are available to all eligible organisations. This includes receiving grants for cloud services like Microsoft 365, Azure and Intune. Under Microsoft charity licensing, you can also receive discounted licences which are applicable to all services that grants apply to.

If you want to find out the full potential of Microsoft 365, you can check out our video “Mastering the Basics of Microsoft 365 – Charity IT Day 2023” where we cover everything from the basics of Microsoft Teams to the fundamentals of SharePoint, all tailored to meet the unique needs of charities.

Final Thoughts on Microsoft Intune

Charities are an appealing target for cyber criminals as they hold the confidential data of their donors and stakeholders. Therefore, we highly recommend you employ the best practices for charity security. Microsoft Intune forms an essential part of this. Its comprehensive device management and advanced security capabilities are invaluable for nonprofits looking to enhance their cyber security strategy. Features such as centralised control, simplified endpoint management, and secure access to business apps make it one of the best cyber security solutions out there. 

If you’re a charity looking to enhance your security measures and optimise your device management system, contact us today. With decades of experience in the charity sector, we’re committed to empowering charities in their digital transformation. 

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