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Qlic has recently formed a partnership with Connect Charity in 2022. We came across Connect Charity and knew it was a partnership we would love to form because of the amazing work they do for not only charities but businesses too. We’re very grateful for the opportunity to be partners with Connect Charity and look forward to helping out their community.

About Connect Charity

The hub which makes it simple for businesses and charities to connect, collaborate and create value.

Connect Charity was established with a passion to bring together the not-for-profit sector and businesses, enabling them to collaborate and develop partnerships which deliver real and measurable impacts that benefit society and communities.

As a team, they firmly believe that by doing better business we can enable society and communities to benefit. They love seeing amazing projects and relationships develop. Their all-inclusive hub brings together a complete range of projects and initiatives to enable a business and the not-for-profit sector to realise their ambitions through partnerships. 

Connect Charity believes in making it simple, charities are able to join the hub free of charge to promote their projects. They make it easy for a business to find the perfect partner to collaborate with by providing a network of exciting and tangible projects to support.

Opportunities With Connect Charity

For Charity

Find the right business partner to help you achieve your social mission, whether a strategic initiative or tactical delivery of a project.

For Business

Find the partners and resources to achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility goals while driving total stakeholder engagement.

For Good

Well-formed partnerships deliver better business results with lasting benefits to individuals, communities and society.

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