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Qlic's Partnership With Locality

We’ve has recently formed a partnership with Locality. We came across Locality and knew it was a partnership we would love to form because of the amazing work they do supporting local communities. We’re very grateful for the opportunity to be partners with Locality Charity and look forward to helping out their community and attending their networking events.

About Locality

Locality is the national membership network supporting local community organisations to be strong and successful. We believe in the power of community to transform lives and create a fairer society. Our 1,600 members create the services their community needs most in spaces where everyone belongs.

We believe that when communities come together they can transform lives and build a fairer society.

Local community organisations understand the strengths and strains within their neighbourhoods, and they have the trust of local people who know they are with them for the long-haul.

Community organisations are uniquely equipped to tackle the major issues facing people across the country. They must now be trusted to do so.

Helping The Community

Below are some of the amazing things that Locality do to help the local community.


Good governance is crucial to ensuring that community organisations are legally run, responsibly led, and effectively managed.

Business Planning

A business plan will help you run an effective community organisation. As well as a planning document determining the strategy, direction, and detail of your operations, a business plan is often required by potential funders and investors.

Investment & Funding

Locality understands how crucial funding and investment is to you. They have supported a diverse range of organisations to obtain investment through grants, loans, community shares, contracts, and new income streams through trading.


Through effective collaboration, communities can better challenge, influence, and participate in local decision-making and service delivery.

Community Engagement

Locality supports community engagement in three main areas:

  • Conducting short-term engagement exercises.
  • Supporting you to develop the skills to carry out effective community engagement.
  • Embedding community engagement practices as a whole organisational approach.

Impact Measurement

Locality can help you measure the impact of your services on your users and community.

This will help you evidence the difference you make to funders and investors.

Our Trusted Partners

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