Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

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What is Cloud-to-Cloud Backup?

When moving over to the Cloud, it’s crucial to keep your data protected. Cloud services do not inherently backup your organisational data, which is where cloud-to-cloud backup comes in Cloud-to-cloud backup is the process of copying data stored in one cloud environment and storing it in another. It provides an additional layer of protection against accidental deletion or data loss.

Why Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is Important

Accidental Deletion of Data

If an employee accidentally deletes a critical spreadsheet from OneDrive or an entire folder of important emails passes the retention period in the Trash, Microsoft will not be able to recover your data.

Ransomware Attack

If your organisation suffers a ransomware attack, no backup means you can’t roll-back your data to a point-in-time before the attack occurred.

Recovering Files

The amount of time and money lost in recovering files can be exttortionate. Retaining critical user data can be costly without a backup solution in place, as well as the time it takes to recover data from the cloud might take longer than what your organisation can afford.

Example of Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Datto Backupify is a cloud-to-cloud backup solution that offers comprehensive backup and recovery for critical cloud data that lives in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace applications.  

Backupify has a robust, automated system that helps backup your cloud software with ease and little management needed. It also has a fast recovery time and makes files easy to locate and restore, right when you need them.

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