In-House vs Outsourced

IT Support

Which IT Support is Better for your Charity?

If you are wondering whether to continue hiring in house IT support or whether you would be better placed to outsource to a specialist IT Support company the below may help you decide:


The average salary of a Junior IT Technician is £18,000 per year, with a fully trained technician costing as much as £35,000 per year.

Hiring a single technician gives you speed onsite, however, they cannot engage with multiple issues at one time.

As your charity and technology grow, your investment in staff must too, increasing your outgoing staffing costs.

An internal IT team will have limited time and experience, meaning research and development of new technologies will be difficult if not impossible.

Staff need managing. Sickness, holiday, grievances – every facet of that member of staff needs to be managed by you in-house.



Our helpdesk desk gives you access to multiple skilled engineers at a fraction of the cost of an onsite staff member, including a dedicated technical account manager.

Outsourcing your helpdesk allows multiple staff to receive IT support at any one time, receiving faster fixes and increasing productivity.

Outsourcing to our experienced helpdesk with fixed SLA’s ensures the cost of expansion is covered by us, not by you.

The combined experience of our support staff spans more than 80 years, and our investment in staff resources ensures our team has time to develop and research new technologies which will benefit our customers.

Your outsourced IT helpdesk has a much larger team and a management structure which is responsible for its smooth running, meaning your support remains unaffected.

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