BrightGauge Client Reporting

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What is BrightGauge?

Brightgauge is an online client reporting dashboard where you can view various aspects of your support tickets with your IT Provider. Brightgauge is for you the client to be able to view the exact details of your tickets live!

BrightGauge Client Reporting system offers a simple layout and automation of ticket data, enabling you to monitor support productivity on from a web-based dashboard.

Examples of BrightGauge Data

Some examples of the data you can view on BrightGauge are total tickets raised, the status of tickets and even a list of licences included on your contract.

Who Raised The Most Tickets

Ticket Trends Per Day

Tickets Raised Each Month

Current Status of Tickets

BrightGauge FAQs

Can I see who raises the most tickets?

Yes! There is a very useful gauge which shows you the percentage of who raises the most tickets. You can also see the common type of tickets raised.

Can I see the new and remove user forms?

Yes you can, you can see the status of the ticket and which engineer is working on the ticket. This is really useful as a reminder to fill the form in if you haven’t.

Can I see details from my contract?

Yes, you can see the number of each service you are paying for.

Can I compare the number of tickets raised over 6 months?

Of course, there is a useful graph which shows you the trends and number of tickets over the course of 6 months.

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