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Check out our latest video testimonial featuring Sharon from Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester (VAAC)! Discover how we assisted VAAC in transitioning to a new IT provider and implementing the optimal IT solutions for their organisation. Learn more about their migration to the Cloud and the impact it’s had on their operations in this insightful testimonial.

Sharon Westcott


Qlic IT are a fantastic organisation who we have worked with for years. We have a long-standing relationship, and they are very understanding on the nature of our work and take care in protecting our organisation. The services they offer are flexible to fit your needs. Their helpdesk is fantastic and they have people like Dhesi who go above and beyond explaining why they are doing things to make sense of the troubleshooting process. They also host lots of event virtually and in person which are great for keeping knowledge up to date. We also have an account review every year which is a fantastic and very useful.

Everyone has been really helpful, and anything we have asked has been responded to. It feels like someone is always trying to find an answer to help us. The responses have been fast and helpful. We are really happy.

Angela Voyajolu

Dawn Wright

‘The onboarding process has been seamless, Qlic have explained exactly whats going to happen, and have not been patronising in any shape or form. The process has been amazing, I cant praise it enough. Mike, our account manager, has been brilliant throughout the whole process. It really has been an easy transition!


I feel really positive about the onboarding experience with Qlic, the process was painless. Every time we need to contact Qlic the response has been really quick and the issue has also been resolved quickly.

Alison Hill


We’re really happy with our onboarding experience. Everyone at Qlic is so personable and no problem is too big. They always take the time to talk to our staff and make them feel at ease!

Throughout the whole experience, everyone has been very efficient, very helpful and very supportive. I am so grateful for the time that Qlic IT for Charities have taken to explain everything they were doing. We really appreciated the time and care to come up with the best solution, thinking about what suits our organisation; a joint effort to see what works best for us, which you don’t often get! I would certainly recommend Qlic to others, the process has been so good. We now feel supported, which goes a long way to make our working life easier.

Sharon Wescott

Margaret Browne

Our Staff were unable to send documents to the upstairs printer. This was my first experience of contacting Qlic and I had a very pleasant experience. I did not have to wait long for the phone to be answered and once I got through was treated with kindness and professionalism by Eleanor, who persevered until the problem was solved. We’re very grateful.

Our staff are really happy with how things are now running. Qlic support is far better than we had before, everyone is so much more responsive.

Delia Mattis

Alberta Gutteridge

The whole migration has gone well and we are pleased to be using Microsoft and feel more reassured that we have improved our security! The team has been very responsive, supportive and patient.

We’re really happy with the solution. Oliver and Michael coming to our office was great, the experience was really refreshing and they managed to fix things which we have had issues with for a while. Qlic’s can-do attitude is especially refreshing. We felt really supported throughout the whole onboarding process.

Michelle Baker

Caroline Palmer

We’ve worked with Qlic for about 3 years now following our merger with another charity that had used their services for many more years. We now have around 80 staff and 20 volunteers and about 75% work from home. We use Qlic for day-to-day IT support and to keep us secure and backed up.

Their customer service is impressive. They have the capacity to provide prompt support but aren’t so big that things get lost between departments. They have very good response times and I haven’t had any negative feedback about them from any of my staff team. They are always very polite and friendly and seem to be able to gauge the level of IT understanding of the user and adjust their language etc according to the audience. I had a non-standard problem with my tech just after lockdown started and the Qlic technician was like a dog with a bone to solve the issue – he remained calm and professional even though I was struggling to!

We also see and hear about growth in security risks and issues since the start of the lockdown and Qlic’s support in these areas makes me more confident that we are covering our bases. Qlic are open and transparent about all costs and don’t take advantage of our lack of expertise by charging for unnecessary services (unlike other providers I’ve dealt with!).

Speaking to staff the transition for us has been easy, and had very little impact on our organisation. The support staff are refreshingly helpful, the quality of the support from our previous supplier has increased massively. It has made us realise the support we really needed

Diana Hofler


I spent time on the phone with Connor yesterday, trying to resolve my remote log-in problem. He was very patient and methodical, talking me through fiddly problems that didn’t always work first time, but it all worked in the end. I was hugely relieved and very pleased that I can work from home again. Thanks, Connor. You’re a gem.

Qlic provides us with excellent service. Pavan is always contactable and always sorts out any issues quickly. I highly recommend Qlic to any organisation.

Sue Zirps

Stuart Thomason

For over 8 years Qlic IT have supported the IT needs of our small team, providing remote support to our small team. We have trusted them with our online security and transition to full remote working and we are continually impressed by their high levels of customer service and fast response. Recently, they have become much more of a partner organisation, providing free advice and support to our 9,000 members.

Thanks so much to Steven our web developer and Pav our Account Manager. Our website was taken down unexpectedly with no option but to rebuild it. Steven worked day, night and over the weekend to get things up and running again. Our new website is amazing and we can’t thank you enough.

Beth Rice

Cordelia Lumley

A quick message on my last day of full time work, to some of our most supportive experts and suppliers:

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you. Our operations function was made so much more effective and reliable with your support, making for a better experience for our volunteers, and our suicidal visitors in turn.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made The Listening Place more successful, and given your advice and time; and in so doing, made a highly significant difference to the lives of the 1000s of suicidal people we now support each year. It has been such an amazing journey, and I am very grateful.

I wanted to message you personally to say thank you so much for all your help with my new website. I really appreciate everything you have done for me and I absolutely love my new site, Steve and Pav have both been great. Thanks again!

Wendy Warne


The support was excellent, the IT assistant pursued the problem until it was resolved. I am was very pleased and relieved by the result. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much Eddie for adding SharePoint folder, it is perfect. You must be one of Qlic’s valued employees because you are super efficient. You understand our requirements very quickly and provide us with the best solution to our IT problem.

Please keep up the amazing work, and again thank you so much for your help.

Christine Thompson

Charlie Hatcher

Thanks for sending an engineer out Chris. Ollie was superb, we are all up and running now in North Kent!

Thanks for all your organisation’s help as always.

Dan Green was very helpful and supportive with amending different access permissions to various email inboxes and folders. A quick and efficient service. Thank you.

Ben Scott


Please could you pass on massive thanks to Tumi who helped me to sort my computer out last night – he was very kind and patient (and had a sense of humour)! when

I was a bit frustrated trying to download apps etc and I know he finished beyond his working hours – he was brilliant.

I wanted to message you personally to say thank you so much for all your help with my new website. I really appreciate everything you have done for me and I absolutely love my new site, Steve and Pav have both been great. Thanks again!


Kerrie Eastman

Had a very inspiring and informative consultation with Pavan from Qlic. Staff were very knowledgeable and offered several options to meet our needs, also picked up some great time saving tips. Will definitely be using their services again – highly recommend!

Excellent help and support from Daniel Bemrose. Very patient and encouraging during my laptop set up, especially when problems appeared with downloading etc. Thank you Daniel, I appreciated your help today.

Dr Linda Pae


I called at 9am, spoke with Chris Thatcher and explained I was unable to access our shared drive working remotely. I’m sure if you look on the system you will see the lengths Chris went to with getting me back up and running and I just wanted to thank him again for his efforts which were very much appreciated.

He had a good, friendly approach and attitude, kept me informed of what he was doing, methodically worked through what the problem was and called me straight back when it was sorted. Chris gave great customer service! 

Tumi was really helpful, as I have experienced with a past enquiry. He is helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable!

Gill Kanga


It is wonderful to have you supporting us – you’ve been a huge help already and we can’t thank you enough!

I phoned the support service today and I received excellent service from your engineer Edward Kwaa. He was very pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient!

Lorena Sanchez


Great efficient service from Edward. Regular updates and a timely response. Well done!

Just wanted to say a really big thank you to Sam and Ollie as well as all of you for the support this last week.

We had a few curveballs in the office today such as my laptop deciding it had had enough but they both handled everything brilliantly and got everything working, and all whilst upgrading the equipment efficiently.

Ollie has also been great at answering my MANY questions over the last two office visits as well as all of you making the issues that have come up disappear pretty quickly which I really appreciate!

So refreshing to be able to rely on our IT provider and I am excited to see the outcome of everyone’s hard work.

Thank you again!

Louise Donovan

Julia Britton

I have been wanting to email you Pav to thank you and your team once again for your amazing work and support over the past year. We had a covid anniversary zoom on March 18th when we watched a slide show of the year – serious and fun – it included photos of the huge pile of laptops you delivered to us! We couldn’t have got through it without Premier.

Our own half year review of external services showed that Qlic’s support remains highly regarded by all staff. We don’t have a single negative comment to pass on – just our thanks for continuing to look after us so well!



We just wanted to share a quick note to thank the team at Qlic. They have been professional and approachable from the start and we couldn’t be happier with the work they have done for us. Having cloud-based storage and Office 365 has enabled us to work more effectively and efficiently individually and as a team and we cannot thank you enough for that. We are very grateful to know, that should we have any questions they are always at the end of the phone willing and ready to help. Thank you all!

Qlic has helped us take the right steps in completely changing the face of our organisation. We needed a website that reflected our growth from a community theatre to a professional producing house and Premier has shot us into the 21st Century with ease! 

It was vital that our ticketing system was integrated seamlessly with our new website which they were able to do without a problem. Nothing is too much trouble or a request too silly. It’s been a joy working with them, we love our new site and are excited to develop it even further as our venue grows. 

Jodie Dickson

Tracey Elmore


Qlic has taken the pressure off of all our IT issues and has made it so much more fun using technology.

The Account Manager has taken time to understand our business and its IT requirements which has translated to the engineers, that provide advice and technical support at the end of the support telephone line also having a good understanding.
When contacting the help line most matters are dealt with there and then. More complex issues that cannot be fixed immediately are issued with a ‘ticket number’ and we are kept informed of progress on a regular basis. The engineers are polite, knowledgeable and efficient. On the occasion of one of our staff developing a sight problem an engineer remained at his post well into the evening to ensure that the access issues were resolved by tailoring the screen to his specific requirements.
We are currently in the process of upgrading our server, desktop and laptops which has required the purchase of both hardware and software. Qlic were able to provide us with the best value option which was thoroughly checked by having their competitors provide quotes for the same specification.

Alan Avis

John Rose

Our systems, installed by Qlic, work very well with very few problems but when we come across a need for help, the telephone helpline is brilliant. The guys are always ready to help when we need them and it’s done quickly, efficiently and politely. For significant changes we receive a very personal service and they give us lots of help in defining the right solutions. Jobs are clearly costed and completed to time. As a self-funded charity we need a good price and we are very satisfied that we get just that. They have given us great service for around ten years now. We trust them to look after us and we have never been more relaxed about our IT because Qlic take all the hassle out of it for us.

We discovered Qlic at a charity training event, and have subsequently purchased both their IT Support package and their Website Design package. We have been extremely happy with the service we are receiving, it is fast, friendly, and in an organisation where we have very little technical knowledge, the support team explain things clearly and in a way we can understand, and sort problems out remotely for us. We are happy to recommend this service.

Pamela Forsyth

Tracy Fortescue

Qlic ensure they deliver an exceptional service. They are competitive, installation is efficient and we were kept informed of the process every step of the way. Our Account Manager stays in contact, nothing is too much trouble for him and Premier in general to deal with.

We moved to Qlic in April 2014 and have never looked back. Long gone are the days of having to wait for ages to get our IT issues to be fixed.

PCI paid us an initial visit, did an audit and came up with recommendations. We implemented 100% and have been extremely happy.

The service is excellent, the knowledge great and the staff really helpful. We would recommend Qlic as an IT partner anytime.

Paula Owen

Sylvia Murray

North Kent Women’s Aid have been working with Qlic since 2010. We have limited knowledge in respect of IT and have relied on Premier for advice and guidance in respect of our equipment and software. We have always found the staff to be extremely professional, helpful, patient and considerate of our limited knowledge and endless questions! They have done their utmost to accommodate our needs which, as a charity, is much appreciated. 

Qlic seem to understand the restrictions of charities working to very tight budgets, and do their best to fit in with these restrictions. They also offer good value for money, which is important to the voluntary sector.

Sara Kulikowski

We didn’t have a sophisticated database, so much of our work was paper based which became untenable as the organisation grew. We are now running a single point of access with over 2000 referrals in 10 months – this system helps us to keep track of every referral, allocate cases and allows us to communicate with other services via email very quickly.

The team at Premier have been friendly, understanding and amenable to helping us put our ideas into making a bespoke system, making it accessible from wherever we need it and being able to adapt the system as we change. The personal relationship we have with staff members at Qlic is the single biggest reason we would recommend their services.

Clair Ely

Nick Day

We came across Pav and the team through their work helping the UK’s charities with their IT needs. We were looking for a new display screen, laptop and cabling to replace our ageing song projection equipment and, what I thought was a bit of a long shot in asking them, turned out to be a good move. In addition to a considerable saving (very important to the voluntary sector) the prompt visit, quote, acceptance and installation process meant we were up and running in just over a week – that’s a pretty impressive service! We’re unveiling the new equipment this weekend and we think members are going to be wowed by the improvement they’ve given us. The after-sales service and support has been great too. I’d recommend Qlic to anyone

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