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About Qlic IT for Charities

From Humble Beginnings to Sector Leaders
Starting as Premier Choice in 2002, Qlic IT for Charities evolved from a small web design firm to a top UK Managed Service Provider for not-for-profits.

Dynamic Duo at the Helm
Founders Adam and Nick merged their merged their extensive experience in technology sectors to craft bespoke, budget-friendly tech solutions specifically for charities.

Beyond IT Support – A Not-for-Profits Specialist
With a deep understanding of the not-for-profits sector’s unique challenges, Qlic IT offers custom IT solutions, training, and webinars, all designed to streamline digital operations for charities.

Rebranding with Purpose in 2021
The shift to Qlic IT for Charities solidified their dedication to empowering not-for-profits, boasting a team of 32 experts and serving over 300 clients by 2024.

A Trusted IT Partner for Charities
Focused on ‘know-who’ rather than just ‘know-how’, Qlic IT lets charities focus on their core missions, handling all their IT needs with continuous innovation and top-notch support.

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Our Culture

We are professional, and excellence driven. It is within our culture to deliver a customer centric service that goes beyond expectation, and we are proud of the reputation we have built together. Above all else we have a strong team ethic; we work hard to create an environment where our staff can flourish.

Why Choose Qlic?

Empowering Through

One of our favourite parts of this journey is the opportunity to empower the amazing people behind these organisations. We run regular webinars and training sessions that are more like friendly chats, where we demystify IT and share knowledge that makes technology an ally, not a challenge.

Tailor-Made Solutions with a Human Touch

In our world, it's not just about technology; it's about understanding the heart and soul of each charity we partner with. We craft solutions that speak to the unique challenges and aspirations of charitable organisations. From data management to cyber security, our aim is to let charities focus on their mission, while we take care of the tech.

More Than Just Service – A True Partnership

Every charity we work with isn't just a client; they're a partner in making a difference. This ethos shapes everything we do, from our first conversation to the ongoing support we provide. It's about growing together, learning from each other and adapting to the ever-changing landscape.

Team Leaders


Adam Graham

Adam's role is to oversee all departments within the business and work closely with the Management Team to ensure improvement in all departmental processes, as well as always looking to drive the business forward.

Laura McCormack

Laura's role as Customer Success Manager is to help facilitate excellent account management and customer service by working alongside our account managers to improve and evolve our communications.
chris thatcher

Chris Thatcher

As Head of Technical Operations, Chris' responsibility is the overarching management of the project team and project delivery, whilst also providing technical direction to all departments within the business. He ensures that all projects are delivered to the highest standards, delivering projects that exceed customer's expectations, on time and in budget.

Michael Horton

In Mike's role as Head of Business Development, Mike oversees our sales, account management and marketing teams to ensure clients receive the best possible service.


As a Senior Account Manager, Pav is very well-versed in negotiations, planning and development, relationship management, operations, logistics coordination and scheduling. All used to help businesses and charities maximise their IT potential through technical consultations and project delivery.

caroline musson

As Project Co-ordinator, it is Caroline's responsibility to work with the members of the Sales & Project’s team to create schedules, plan logistics and help the team to make sure projects are completed on time.

Lisa Horton

As Finance Manager it is Lisa's job to ensure accurate undertaking of the billing, finance and admin required for the office. Her role requires her to liaise with many of the team members to ensure that the billing reflects the sales and support services that have been provided and answer any billing queries that our customers may have in relation to this.

Matt Homewood

Matt's responsibility is to research the development of new and emerging technologies. As IT is a constantly changing landscape, Matt provides technical documentation, hands-on training and workshops for our technical and sales teams to ensure they successfully deliver projects and services to our clients.

Martin Hull

As Project Lead, Martin's role is to manage client projects from concept to delivery. Planning, scheduling, executing to the highest possible standards, always looking to reduce customer impact, reduce costs and improve project deliverables.
Dan Green

Dan Green

As Service Desk Team Leader, it is Dan’s responsibility to make sure that all customer queries are dealt with in a timely manner by the Service Desk. He is also an escalation point for the support team and sets KPI’s for them to ensure that there is always high levels of customer satisfaction.


Jenny's job as the Marketing Co-ordinator involves promoting campaigns by assembling and analysing media trends, as well as preparing marketing and advertising strategies, plans, and objectives.
Chris Cooper


As Service Desk Technical Lead, Chris' responsibilities include day to day management of the support team alongside support tickets and escalations. Other roles include providing training and resources to make sure our team have the knowledge to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Supporting the Sector

At Qlic IT, we are deeply committed to bolstering the charity sector through various initiatives. By organising charity events, sponsorships, and informative online webinars, we aim to build a community that’s strong and well-informed. Our strategic partnerships within the sector amplify our impact, enabling us to support not-for-profit organisations across the nation effectively.

We empower organisations through knowledge-sharing, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary tools and information to thrive. Our focus on providing discounted and donated IT services demonstrates our dedication to the cause, not just the bottom line.

We stay abreast of sector trends and challenges, which allows us to offer guidance through significant industry changes. By understanding the unique pressures and opportunities within the charity sector, Qlic IT is able to tailor support that not only addresses immediate IT needs but also facilitates long-term strategic growth.

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