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Proposed Website Solution

Your new website will be designed and developed to your exact specification and orientated towards creating an ergonomic and user-friendly experience. We will specifically be looking to make the site as accessible and as streamlined as possible, with a modern look and feel. The new construct will promote your organisation in a professional manner, with a clear structure and continuity that will look to strengthen your online presence.

Key areas which we’ll be focusing on throughout the design process:


Your site will be designed to react for optimal viewing on mobile, desktop and tablet devices. This ensures that its compatibility with the Google ‘Mobile-Friendly’ update.


The website will place emphasis on the portfolio of services available and utilise the best in class navigation to ensure visitors are easily able to find the information they are looking for.


The site needs to be designed with clarity and encouragement for visitors to interact, view services and contact you for further information.

Content Management System

A simple, easy to maintain content management system will be incorporated to provide control and management of the new website content, pages and property portfolio.


A simple, easy to maintain content management system will be incorporated to provide control and management of the new website content, pages and property portfolio.


It is important to keep a clear understanding of brand recognition throughout the site (colour schemes, relevant images and a layout) which is lacking with the existing construct.

Our Web Design Process

Step 1Research

The first port of call is to understand exactly what it is you want and what your requirements, aims and goals are for your new website. This is to ensure we deliver not only what you want but what your customers actually want and are looking for. This ensures your website will deliver the results you’re expecting.

Step 2Brainstorming

Then our web team to map out a logical website structure and prioritise content accordingly. We will focus on delivering the ideal journey for each user which also integrates the aims and goals of your business. We then go ahead and create a specification document for the new project.

Step 3Design

Design is essential to the success of your website; as humans we see something and interact with it in order to fully understand it. The design of your website is so important as it represents your business and what you stand for and will therefore largely impact the customer’s decision to do business with you or not.

Step 4Build

Our approach to building your website is very much one of collaboration, flexibility and empathy. It can be challenging trying to design websites that meet both the clients and customer's expectations, something that we believe shouldn’t be made any harder by technical limits or a tough delivery process.

Step 5Test

One of the final parts of a new website is ensuring that it is tested thoroughly so that when it goes live it works perfectly. The two key areas that we focus on are usability and accessibility. Usability focuses on how users interact with your website and if there is anything we can do to improve it, and accessibility ensures that the website is accessible to users of all abilities.

Step 6Go-Live

Once we have fully tested the website and you are happy with everything we will deploy the finished version on our server. If we have developed a content management system for you we are also happy to provide training for your key administrators along with our user guide in order to ensure you are comfortable at updating the website yourself.

Step 7Support

We believe that supporting our customers after the website is complete is vitally important and something we pride ourselves on. We offer a 24 / 7 email support and ticketing support system to ensure any issues or difficulties you may have get resolved quickly and easily. All our projects are accompanied by a Service Level Agreement which covers any issues, bugs or errors that arise on the site including those that may arise due to the technical updates such as new browser releases.

Website FAQs

WordPress Queries

WordPress is a content management system where you can host and build websites. WordPress contains plugin architecture and a template system, so you can customise any website to fit your company.

The easiest way to access your WordPress admin area is the below;

  • In your browser, search for your domain name with / or / after it. For example,
  • Type in your WordPress Username and Password to sign into WordPress
  • Once you have successfully logged in, you will land on your WordPress Dashboard and admin area.

New Page

You can create a new page via WordPress by going to the navigation list on the left of the WordPress dashboard, click on ‘Pages’ and then ‘Add New’.

You can also duplicate your current pages on WordPress. If you like the design and layout on one of your current pages, you can search for this pae in the search bar under Pages and simply click ‘EA Duplicator’. You can then edit the duplicate draft version of your page.

New Post

A new post on WordPress acts as a blog post on your site.

You can create a new post on WordPress by going to the navigation list on the left of the WordPress dashboard, click on ‘Post’ and then ‘add new’. This will allow you to create a new post and add in your imagery and text.

 You can have as many websites as you want under your WordPress account. Your paid plan would just be tweaked to a per website basis.

Elementor Queries

Elementor is a drag-and-drop editor plugin for WordPress. With Elementor, you can create a visually perfect website for your organisation. This WordPress plugin is an all-in-one solution which lets you control every part of your website design in a single platform.

Elementor is a popular plugin for WordPress websites and works as a drag-n-drop builder tool, whereas WordPress is the Content Management System. WordPress provides a building framework for your website, while Elementor let’s you create and design your website’s pages.

Elementor is perfect for beginners who are looking to create a website. The software is easy to use and the interface is simple. 

Elementor Academy provides hundreds of video tutorials to help guide you, check them out!

Elementor is a drag-n-drop website builder that doesn’t require any coding. Elementor does not require coding knowledge, however, you may need to know some basic HTML and CSS when going into more detail on your website pages.

General Website Queries

Our Service Desk are here to help as well as your Account Managers. 

For urgent website queries, please contact our Service Desk on 0203 832 7010, and our Account Managers on 0203 904 3464 (option 1)

For less urgent website queries, please contact our Service Desk on [email protected], and our Account Managers on [email protected]

To put it simply, an SSL certificate is coding on your web server that provides security for online communications. When a web browser contacts your secured website, the SSL certificate enables an encrypted connection. Every website should have an SSL certification.

Yes! We provide website training. We offer up to 1 hour of website training to help you get to grips with the features and tools you can use to develop your site.

There are also several other companies that provide website training and courses. This includes Elementor and WordPress themselves, as well as Udemy, platform training, and more!

Crossroads Care Surrey

Crossroads Care Surrey are a registered charity that has been providing services to unpaid carers across Surrey for over 40 years.

The Mill Arts Centre

As the only dedicated arts provision in the area, Mills Arts Centre’s vision is to inspire creativity and enrich the lives of our communities by providing high quality, varied artistic, education and participatory programme.

Autism Bedfordshire

Autism Bedfordshire is an independent charity whose aim is to improve the quality of life for autistic children, young people and adults and their families. Our specific objectives are to:

Animal Action Greece

As a UK based charity operating in Greece since 1959, The Greek Animal Welfare Fund’s (GAWF) purpose is to prevent and relieve the cruelty and suffering amongst animals in Greece.

Historic Croydon Airport

They are the independent charity that champions the history and heritage of London Croydon Airport. Their mission is to help everyone explore how the people, events and innovations at the world’s first modern airport shaped air travel.


Relate deliver services in nine London boroughs stretching from Tower Hamlets in the east to Haringey in the North and their 60 practitioners offer relationship support and mediation to individuals, couples, and families of all ages and backgrounds.

Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope are a locally founded charity, dedicated to bringing hope to individuals and the wider community. 

Repton Community Trust

Repton Community Trust’s aim is to provide excellent resources and opportunities, empowering people to connect, build community and lead a more fulfilled life.

London Bubble

London Bubble’s belief in the importance of theatre, especially in times of difficulty, keeps them creating and connecting from home.

Bristol Women's Voice

They support Bristol Women’s Commission and work with decision-makers to ensure actions are taken which make a real difference to women’s lives. The organisation informs women about services that provide support and advice, helps women set up their own support networks and celebrates women’s success.

Sickle Cell Society

The Sickle Cell Society is the only national charity in the UK that supports and represents people affected by a sickle cell disorder to improve their overall quality of life.

InSpire at St Peters

InSpire runs unique and ground-breaking programmes of its own such as parenting programme and youth employment programme InSpired to Work, as well as a comprehensive programme of arts-based activities for all age.

Transport For All

Transport for All (TfA) is a pan-impairment organisation, guided by the belief that all disabled and older people have the right to travel with freedom. Their services are unique; they are the only disability group in the UK to exclusively focus on transport.

New Dawn New Day

New Dawn New Day has worked to support the wellbeing of women and girls in Leicester and Leicestershire for over 30 years. 

Alzheimer's & Dementia

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Services are Kent’s biggest independent charity dedicated to providing support to people affected by dementia. Working within the Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley area since 1991 we have a local reputation for providing excellence in dementia support and care.  

Orchid Project

Orchid Project is a British charity which works to end to female genital cutting. Orchid Project is based in London and primarily works to advocate for increased resources towards ending FGC and raising awareness about how the practice can end.

Copenhagen Youth Project

CYP’s mission is to engage and inform children and young people to provide them with choices supporting their individual learning and personal development.


Pecan is a community development charity based in Peckham. We work with the local community to help people find a way through seemingly impossible barriers to a better future.

Nourish Hub

The Nourish Hub is run by the charity UKHarvest, who are here to protect the environment by rescuing good food destined for landfill and serving the community with education on nutrition, cookery skills and fighting food waste in the home.

Child Aid

Our mission is to transform the limited circumstances of today’s vulnerable, abandoned and disabled children in Eastern Europe into ones of opportunity and hope.

Holborn Community Association

At HCA we create the spaces and opportunities for individuals, groups and the wider community to thrive.  Our community spaces (three centres and multiple outreach settings across the area) are welcoming, accessible and shaped by the community.


The focus of our work is to provide practical and emotional support and advice, individual one-to-one work and group work programmes. 

Revive & Recycle

We undertake full or partial house clearances, reusing as many items as we can. We can clear the largest, most cluttered properties or we can offer single-item collections.

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