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Why Use WordPress?

The above statistic is sourced from OpenSourceCMS.com and identifies that WordPress holds a commanding share of the web. At Qlic, we agree with WordPress holding the biggest share of the web as this is our preferred choice of Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is an easy to use CMS, has an intuitive interface and has vast availability of templates and plugins allowing complex functions to be integrated with ease. 

Key Attributes of WordPress


Our sites are all built to be responsive and adaptive whether viewed on desktops, tablets or smartphones. WordPress itself makes this process incredibly streamlined, creating the platform for the content, imagery and menu functionality to adapt to the most optimal form dependent on the device being used.


Our WordPress websites are thoroughly maintained throughout the build process to ensure they remain fast-loading and compatible with Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox and many more. We recommend the use of a semantic HTML5-based theme to allow the site to be easily crawled and indexed by popular search engines.


An important part of our website build process is the ability to allow the charity to manage the content and layout of the site going forward. Part of our commitment to providing an expandable and sustainable site involves developing a range of templated pages for the organisation to easily fill with content and upload without the need for third party assistance.


WordPress is a highly flexible Content Management System, allowing complex builds as well as very simple user access. Our developers will build each site using HTML within the WordPress CMS, however after completion we install an easy-to-use overlay which allows users to simply edit the site without requiring vast amounts of technical knowledge. Additionally, our developers will provide a written User Guide on how to edit the site within the CMS, which can be customised for individual user’s needs.


A key element of your site is the interactivity and engagement the site offers visitors. The integration of social media to each site (either by links or directly embedded feeds, as desired) offers a considerable opportunity to further engage with visitors, donors and funders and opens the possibility of two-way conversation with prospective clients looking to utilise or recommend the services you offer.

Google Analytics will also be integrated within WordPress, allowing full detailing of the most and least interacted areas of the site. Additionally, Google favours WordPress due to its easy ability to index pages and logical site architecture, therefore allowing improved SEO and site rankings.


Our secure UK Tier 1 hosting environment guarantees 99.9% uptime for all websites and CRM systems, with daily backups, virus / hacker protection and dedicated email and telephone technical support.


Embedding media into WordPress posts and pages has never been easier largely because of the addition of a great feature named oEmbed. This allows you to bring content like videos, images, tweets, audio and more from a different site into your own site. This is all done by simply copying and pasting the URL of the content directly into the editor. This will allow you to add videos from your organisations free YouTube or Vimeo account directly onto any page, article or blog post on your new website.


As part of the website handover following the completion of the build, our developers will create a customised user guide for your staff to follow, allowing them to manage all elements mentioned throughout this proposal.   We’re more than happy to provide one-to-one training sessions (either in person or by telephone) as required (user guides are included in the price quoted, however additional fees will apply for onsite training sessions). With regards to the maintenance of the sites beyond the completion of the initial build, we offer customisable packages which include hosting, technical support and maintenance. I have detailed our most popular package on the Commercials page of this proposal; however, this can be tailored specifically to your needs.


Gain more value out from your site visitors. When you add email campaign management integration for WordPress, you get full use of a user-friendly marketing platform to keep the conversation going beyond your website. And since new subscribers are automatically imported into your campaign account, you’ll save time and never have to worry about leaving someone out. You can synchronise all users and ensure all your contacts are in one place, display opt-in checkbox on registration forms and allow users to select interest groups or add them automatically

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