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Our Charity Challenges

January - March Charity Challenge 2023

Giving Up Something For Charity in a Qlic

For the first quarter of 2023, our team will be giving up something they love or habits they’d like to leave in 2022 to raise money for Morecambe Bay. Our team has chosen 3 things to give up in 3 months, smoking, alcohol and chocolate. Support our team during this Charity Challenge and help us raise money for the amazing Morecambe Bay by donating on our JustGiving Page.

October - December Charity Challenge 2022

Run & Cycle to Christmas

From the start of October to the end of December, our team members Adam and Dan will be cycling and running an incredible distance to raise money. Adam will be cycling 600km, which is the equilvialent of cycling from London to Frankfurt! Dan will be running 360km, which is the equilvialent of running from London to Paris! Support our team members and help us raise money for The Grange Centre. 

August Charity Challenge 2022

Qlic Bake/Cook Off

For our August Charity Challenge, our team will be competing in a bake/cook off to raise money for Age UK Ealing! Each week we’ll be updating our socials, so keep an eye out for our team’s homemade treats. Who will be crowned the best baker/cook at Qlic? Find out at the end of September!

May Charity Challenge 2022

All Roads Lead To Rome

For May’s Charity Challenge, our team will be taking on the 3 million steps challenge to raise money for Mental Health Resource. 3 million steps is the equivalent of walking from the London Eye, all the way to the Rome Colosseum! We will be running and walking throughout the whole of May to achieve our goal.

Support our team and help us raise money for Mental Health Resource by clicking on ‘Full Story’ below!

February Charity Challenge 2022

The Great Wall of China

For our February Qlic Charity Challenge, our amazing colleague Chris Thatcher will be conquering The Great Wall of China (a challenge created by The Conqueror) and will be walking, running and rowing 259km to raise money for Lucy Air Ambulance!

Lucy Air Ambulance is the only charity in the UK that flies children to hospital by aeroplane. This ensures children can receive the specialist care and treatment they need, wherever they are in the UK.

Chris will be completing this challenge in approximately 7 weeks and will provide weekly updates and pictures to let us know how he is getting on with the challenge. Let the challenge begin!

Donate to Lucy Air Ambulance by clicking the button below!

February Charity Challenge 2021

A Day in the Life of Autism

For our latest Qlic Charity Challenge, we will be helping CareTrade to raise £2,000 to go towards creating a permanent social enterprise that provides autistic jobseekers from across London with work experience in the catering industry. As a cause close to several of our team members, we shall be spending 24 hours between us on Sunday 28th February trying to experience what life could be like with autism.

December Charity 2020

Bendrigg Trust's Winter Wonderland

This year we decided to take part in Giving Tuesday by donating our Christmas Party Fund to a charity doing an amazing job to help the community around them this Christmas. We’re glad to announce that the lucky recipient of the donation is Bendrigg Trust! The charity will be using our donation to create their first-ever ‘Winter Wonderland’ for families with disabled children. The Christmas-themed trail will wind through their accessible woodland, with families meeting many Christmas characters along the way, before finishing up at Santa’s workshop for an early Christmas present.

April Charity Challenge 2020

Supporting Those During Covid-19

Throughout the months of April and May, Qlic created a donation scheme where 5% of all project management revenue would be collated and put towards raising money for those charities supporting the vulnerable during Covid-19! As well as this, Qlic created their own fundraiser for the team to collectively complete 1,500km in just 14 days! We are delighted to say that Qlic has raised a grand total of £2,400, which we’ll be splitting equally between three outstanding organisations!!

March's Charity

Running Time

Matt and Dan will be taking on a 5k run around Danson Park, passing the lake, Danson House and going through the woods. A 2 lap course which is majority on tarmac path but a gravel path and woodland track does break this up.

June's Charity

Walking for Warren Road

Did you know the average person in the UK only walks around half a mile per day!! That’s around 2,000 steps per day! Our lovely Caroline is setting herself the challenge of walking 200 miles in June! It may not sound a lot to some, but it’ll mean doing over 12,000 steps a day and around 7 miles per day. Caroline is hoping people will sponsor her and her aim is to raise enough money to have a Defibrillator fitted at Warren Road School. With over 700 students, over 700 parents, a huge number of staff and lots of weekly clubs, this is something very important to our local school. The cost is roughly £600, so it is a tall order!

April's Charity

Running for Jackie

This month is a very personal cause for us at Qlic and especially for Ben. In his own words ‘In early 2018 Jackie Caspary was diagnosed with cancer.  Jackie was the operations director at Premier Choice Telecom. We sat opposite each other for all of Jackie’s time at Premier Choice. Since Jackie started working with me she had a tickling cough which wouldn’t go away, after some nagging Jackie went to the doctors and shortly after was diagnosed. Jackie sadly stopped work in March this year due to her continuing cancer treatment. Jackie has been an inspiration to all at Premier and personally helped me to develop in my role. She will be missed at Premier.’

December's Charity

Christmas Jumpers For Charity

As part of our December challenge we will all be wearing out best Christmas Jumpers for the day on Friday 14th December. Alongside this there will be several festive mini challenges over throughout the month.

November's Charity

Ears for the Bear

To embrace the spirit of Children in Need Emily will be wearing bear ears for the month of November. The whole team will also be getting involved in some fun activities in the office all to support a great cause.

October's Charity

Trick or Treat

The whole team is getting involved this month and will be putting on our very best Halloween outfits for the whole day on the 31st!

September's Charity

Dyeing For a Donation

This month Brad has put himself forward to take on the Premier Charity Challenge. Brad will be dyeing his hair a colour chosen by public vote for the entire month. Keep an eye on our social channels to see which colour wins and get updates on how Brads month is going.

August's Charity

Donating for Baking

Pav is putting on his oven gloves for this months charity challenge and treating us all to a charity bake sale. Having won a previous office bake off with a super delicious cake, we are all very excited about what yummy goodies Pav is going to rustle up this time.

July's Charity

'Hairity Challenge

Chris is took on this months ‘Hairity Challenge and is said goodbye to his razor for the month of July. Much to the dismay of his family Chris grew a beard for the month.

June's Charity

Race for Donations

Elliott took on the challenge for June and ran a half marathon. Choosing one of the hottest days of the year Elliott was really up for a challenge.

May's Charity

Charity Buzz

Ollie is buzzing about this months challenge. He will be taking on the Nuclear Races at the end of the month. He will be tackling some big, high, man-made and natural obstacles designed to test every ability of fitness on a fast-paced, flowing, punishing course over epic varied terrain. Needless to say he is going to need all the support he can get!

We will be keeping you updated on Ollie’s prep for the challenge across our social pages so make sure you are following us!

April's Charity

Ready, Set...Glow!

Caroline was glowing about April’s challenge. She took part in the Glow in the Park run on 28th April accompanied by our very own Lisa H. They ran 5km in the dark, lit up by glow sticks and finished in a huge foam party, it sounds like a lot of fun but it was hard work. Caroline and Lisa cheered each other over the finish line, showing the true team spirit that we have at Premier Choice.

March's Charity

Stuck In The Mud

Dan is getting stuck in…the mud for this month’s challenge. He has decided to brave the elements and take on the tough mudder at the end of the month. As the name implies this is a tough challenge and he will need all our support to get him to the end of the course so please help him raise lots of money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust by clicking the donate button.

We will be keeping you updated on Dan’s prep for the challenge across our social pages so make sure you are following us!

February's Charity

Not enough dough to raise dough

For the month of February, Mike Horton took on the challenge. For the whole month Mike gave up bread. Anyone that knows Mike will know that bread is the core item of his diet so it was a tough month for him.

January's Charity

Veggie January

For the month of January, Sam Crossman, our first line engineer took on the challenge. Sam gave up meat and fish and went vegetarian for the whole month. Anyone that knows Sam will know what a huge challenge this was for him.

November's Charity

Heart on Adams sleeve

For the month of November, Adam, our operations manager, wore a heart on his sleeve every day to raise money for Carly Heart Trust.