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About Elementor

While WordPress is meant to make the creation of a website easier than ever, some users may still find it difficult to customise their site to their exact needs. A drag-and-drop website builder will make the whole process of creating and managing a website both much easier and faster.

Elementor brings a new set of tools to your WordPress website.

Why Use Elementor?


Elementor lets you control its features and options with ease, giving you a smooth website building experience. Thanks to its handy user interface, you can easily figure out how to build your site page by page without getting lost in the process or getting frustrated with codes. You can even save your design as a new template and apply it to other pages.


These widgets include headlines, text, images, videos, galleries, testimonials, carousels, and many more. Other key elements you can easily control using the drag-and-drop functionality include buttons, social media icons, dividers, and spacers. What’s more, is you only have to drag and drop them to the page you are building.


This feature is on the front-end, which means you get instant results as you build a page step by step. It gives you a live preview, unlike some themes and builders.


With Elementor, you can smart-scale your website, making it accessible and it's content compatible with desktop, tablet, or smartphone viewing. Thanks to the preview feature that shows how your page looks in different viewing/browsing platforms.

storage space


Elementor has a built-in revision history, on top of the very handy Undo and Redo commands. This means you get a log for every single action and save that you make along the way. Just click on the history icon and you can access the panel that includes all your actions and revisions.


Another great thing about using Elementor is you are not alone. Due to the growing popularity of the plug-in, there is a growing community of users, designers, and developers to connect to. Facebook groups offer a way to communicate with other users, showcase your designs, and even access tutorials, blogs, and other helpful resources. You have not just an incredibly extensive plug-in library, but also a solid community to back you up if you need help, advice, suggestions, and ideas as you build an awesome, winning website!

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