Conduct Culture

Cyber Essentials Project

Why Did Conduct Culture Reach Out?

Conduct Culture reached out to our Projects team in regards to their Cyber Essentials certification. They were interested in making their organisation Cyber Essentials certified to guard them from cyber threats.

This project took place over a month and was completed in January 2022.

Meet Our Projects Team

Chris Thatcher

The Project Scope

  • Audit Conduct Culture’s environment for cyber essentials standards 
  • Submit all cyber essentials research and information to be assessed
  • Help and support Conduct Culture with cyber essentials policies

The Finished Project

Conduct Culture couldn’t have been happier with the completed project. Our Projects Team successfully completed the project scope with no fallout whatsoever. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Conduct Culture and we look forward to continuing to support them.

Client Testimonial

“Since we were recommended to Qlic we haven’t looked back. Their aim to provide customer service excellence is always present. Our growth as a business has been supported beautifully by Qlic. Watching Qlic’s growth is also wonderful to observe. The peace of mind we have in the knowledge that our Information Security and Information Technology is secure and robust especially in a world where remote working is ever present. Thank you Qlic!”

Nichola Sutherland
Conduct Culture

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