Case Study



CIPR were planning on moving over to Infinity’s IMIS platform, but was not yet using SharePoint Online, meaning all user’s files and folders were not able to be shared via the cloud, and their files were not accessible unless they were in the office.

CIPR were also did not have Office 365 implemented, meaning all their user’s emails and files were not under the correct security procedures to keep the data of the company secure and did not have the correct email backup.

Furthermore, CIPR did not have a very secure device management as they were using a fully hosted environment. CIPR also had no form of security backup such as multi-factor authentication which could put their data at risk of being hacked.


Premier advised migrating all their files and folders to SharePoint Online. This allows their users to easily share and manage files, folders and any content from a device which is connected to the internet. It also empowers teamwork, seamless collaboration, and quick search for information.

As well as migrating to SharePoint, we suggested migrating their current email solution to Microsoft Office 365, as this allows secure email access via any additional devices that the users may use. When migrating to Office 365, Premier suggested also implementing Datto Cloud as this offers unlimited data retention and any deleted or corrupted data can be recovered within minutes.

Premier also proposed the idea of connecting all CIPR’s machines to Azure Active Directory, ensuring only users with an active CIPR email account will be able to login and use the organisational device. When connecting this, we would also implement multi-factor authentication for all Office 365 accounts, meaning it will require the user to verify themselves using a numeric code before accessing their emails and files.



The SharePoint migration and implementation of Office 365 all took place over a pre-specified weekend. All shared data was migrated to individual SharePoint Document Libraries with specific users’ permissions and access.


The implementation of Datto Backupify, Azure Active Directory and Multi-factor Authentication was then completed remotely and scheduled for each user, causing minimal disruption to the day to day work of the charity.


Our team members were on-site at CIPR to provide them with user training and answer any questions or queries. They also had immediate use of our managed support team to provide fast, pro-active responses and resolutions to all support needs.


One of the main benefits that CIPR  immediately realised was the migration over to SharePoint not only improved their security, but also enabled more flexible remote working and staff members can now access their files in areas of limited connectivity and when ‘on the go’. This optimised their business continuity and efficiency.

The implementing of security and backup redundancy improved the security and user access policies for files, as well as allowing data recovery and no risk of outages due to hardware, software, or power failure.

CIPR also had the added peace of mind as our service desk was on-hand with fast responses and fixed issues in the event of any problems with their devices or IT infrastructure.


“Our own half year review of external services showed that Premier's support remains highly regarded by all staff. We don't have a single negative comment to pass on - just our thanks for continuing to look after us so well!”
Jim Riches