Remote Laptop Setup

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Setting Up Your Laptop Remotely

Here are the first steps you should take from turning your new device on. From picking a secondary language keyboard layout, selecting account and privacy preferences and syncing your files across devices, follow the simple steps below.

When you begin setting up your device, you’ll find an Ease of Access icon which allows you to bring up the narrator, an audio assistant that reads information to you. You can also magnify parts of your screen or the entire screen if you need visual assistance. This is where you can start setting your preferences. If you ever change your mind about a setting or preference, don’t worry, you can always change them later.

Step 1 - Select Your Region

The first thing to set is your region. This sets your time and date automatically so features such as time zones or day and night cycles for night light can work effectively.

Please select United Kingdom. Then click Yes.

Step 2 - Do Not Connect To a Network

The next screen will ask you connect to your home network. In order for us to set up your local account you must not connect to your network. This includes both Wi-Fi and physical networks. If your laptop is connected to an ethernet cable, please ensure that it is removed before you proceed any further in the set up. When prompted please skip this step.

Step 3 - Choose Your Language Keyboard

Here is where you specify which language you want as your keyboard. You can change this at any time. Please select United Kingdom and click Yes.

The secondary keyboard layout might look different on your screen, and not match the physical keyboard you’re typing on. 

Step 4 - Select Your Setup Preference

If you are setting up Windows 10 Pro edition, you will see a screen that lets you choose whether you are setting up for personal or work use. Please do not move past this screen.

Now Your Device Is Up & Running!

Now it’s time to hand over to your Build Engineer to finish off the final steps for your set-up. If you’re unsure as to whether you completed the steps above correctly, your Build Engineer will check it over before heading onto the next steps.

Contact your Build Engineer on 0208 269 6878.

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