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In today’s digital world, it is essential for nonprofits to search for effective and secure ways to communicate with their stakeholders. Email hosting is a service that provides email tools over the Internet, allowing organisations to send, receive, and store messages efficiently. There are many benefits to email hosting such as security, custom domain names, reliability and compliance.

Let’s find out more about the best email hosting for nonprofits and why it is so important.

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What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a service in which a provider dedicates space on a server to host an organisation’s email servers. This not only ensures secure and reliable email delivery but also allows the nonprofit organisation to have email addresses that include their domain name.

There is a big difference between web hosting and cloud-hosted email. Both of these services involve storing data on servers, but they serve different purposes. Web hosting is a service that makes a nonprofit’s website accessible over the internet by hosting the site’s files on a server, whereas Cloud-hosted email uses cloud computing technology to host the emails, meaning the email servers are hosted on the cloud rather than a physical server.

Microsoft 365 is an example of a cloud-hosted email service. It provides users with access to Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools, including Outlook for email.

The Advantages of Professional Email Hosting

Email hosting offers a wide range of benefits for nonprofits, enabling them to communicate and operate more effectively. Let’s delve into these benefits in more detail:

  1. Custom Domain Email Addresses: Custom domain email addresses are an essential element of branding for your nonprofit. With email hosting, you can have email addresses that include your website domain which helps build trust with stakeholders.
  2. Reliability: Email hosting services ensure reliable email delivery, reducing the risk of downtime and ensuring that emails reach their intended recipients.
  3. Security: Email hosting for nonprofits provides robust security measures, including encryption and anti-spam filters to protect your confidential data.
  4. Scalability: As your organisation begins to grow and evolve, your communication needs to also evolve. Email hosting can effortlessly scale up or down to match your organisation’s growth.
  5. Cost-effective: Email hosting services are generally affordable and many providers offer discounts tailored for nonprofits. This affordability makes email hosting a practical solution.
  6. Integrations and Collaboration Tools: Many email hosting services integrate with other software, such as customer relationship management systems (CRM) and project management tools. These integrations allow you to streamline your operations and enhance collaboration.
  7. Support: Having support whilst using email hosting is vital. Most providers offer comprehensive support, ensuring that any technical issues can be quickly resolved for your organisation.

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Choosing the Right Email Hosting Provider for Your Nonprofit

It’s worth spending time considering which email hosting provider your charity should opt for. After all, sending and receiving emails is usually an integral part of any organisation’s operations. There are many factors you should consider to make sure it meets your needs and mission. This is especially true when it comes to charity digital transformation. Here’s an overview of these considerations:

Security: It’s crucial to select an email hosting service that prioritises the security of your organisation’s data. Email hosting will comply with certain regulations such as HIPAA and FISMA.

Administration and Operation: Your email hosting provider should provide support for the installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance process of hosting. This will ensure a smooth transition and help to avoid disruptions.

Flexibility and Compatibility: The provider should offer to sync with multiple devices and any current software your charity uses. This will allow your nonprofit staff and volunteers to easily operate on-the-go.

Storage and Archiving: Email storage and archiving capabilities are essential to avoid cluttered mailboxes. Bear this in mind when looking for the best cloud storage for nonprofits. Your organisation should look for a provider that enables easy email recovery and ensures efficient communication management.

Service Availability: Many email hosting providers will have a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This is to show how they operate and at what level. Make sure to choose a provider that offers a backed Service Level Agreement with a high uptime, this ensures the provider will have high availability for your organisation and will always be on hand to help and minimise downtime.

Pricing Models and Budget Considerations: Some providers may offer nonprofits reduced pricing on their email hosting. Look out for this or make the option to go for an efficient pricing plan. 

Scalability: Your chosen email hosting service should be scalable to accommodate any growth within your organisation.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery: Robust data backup and disaster recovery are a vital part of email hosting to protect your confidential data. Ensure this is included with the provider you choose to go with.

Collaborative Tools and Integration: The ability to integrate seamlessly with other software and applications used by your nonprofit team will help to streamline your operations.

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Why Opt for Microsoft Email Hosting?

Microsoft email hosting for nonprofits is a cloud-based server that offers a variety of benefits that make it a great choice of provider. Is Microsoft 365 safe and reliable?

Well, one of the main benefits of Microsoft email hosting services is without doubts, its enhanced security feature. 

This includes multi-layered anti-spam filters and built-in protection against various email threats, this gives your organisation peace of mind that your sensitive data remains secure.

Email hosting with Microsoft also allows for scalability. Your organisation can easily adjust your current email hosting plan to match your growth. This flexibility is super beneficial for growing nonprofits that anticipate changes.

The cloud-based nature of Microsoft’s email hosting means there is no need for on-premises servers. This reduces both hardware costs and maintenance expenses considerably. Microsoft also offers Microsoft nonprofit grants, which will help your organisation invest in email hosting.

Microsoft also provides high availability of their services, minimising downtime. This combined with the cloud-based nature of the service enhances accessibility for your organisation. Staff and volunteers can access their email, calendar, and contacts from anywhere at any time. 

Microsoft email hosting for nonprofits performs automatic updates, meaning your organisation doesn’t need to worry as you will always use the latest and most secure version of their software. Furthermore, Microsoft 365 for nonprofits is a comprehensive suite of applications that goes far beyond just email. It’s designed to boost productivity, collaboration, and security within your organisation altogether. So investing in Microsoft 365 email hosting will also give you access to apps such as SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and much more!

Final Thoughts

To conclude, email hosting is crucial for nonprofits that are looking to excel in effective communication. It allows your organisation to manage contacts, schedule tasks, and share important information through email efficiently. Microsoft email hosting for nonprofits offers a reliable, secure, and feature-rich hosting solution that goes beyond just email. It has integrated tools to promote efficient collaboration and communication within your organisation.

If you’re seeking a reliable email hosting provider for your nonprofit organisation or considering a switch, we are here to help. With our extensive experience in the charity sector, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Book your FREE IT Consultation now by clicking the button below.

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