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Attracting Traffic to your Charity Website

We like to view ourselves as the ‘out-of-house’ digital marketing department of your charity. Our job is to fully understand your charity, its objectives, requirements and client base. Once we have come to grips with these key elements, we can develop a marketing plan customised to your charities needs.

Our digital marketing team are creative thinkers and analytical expertise who’re able to grow your charity online through a variety of different tried and tested techniques.

We’re very much focused on delivering results that add directly to the bottom line and help drive your charity forward. Qlic believe in a quality over quantity approach and provide full transparency on all digital marketing activities.

As search and digital marketing evolves, our marketing team are researching and developing new techniques and initiatives every day to help give our clients the edge over their competitors. We do all we can to ensure our client’s digital objectives are met and their very best ROI is achieved. Whether you are a new charity looking to launch yourselves online, or if you’re an established company who is looking to get a digital edge, we can help. Get in contact with our marketing team today by calling 020 8269 6878.


Your website is the first interaction with a potential customer; but will it lead to further visits? Our digital marketing team can review your website to assess how well it’s performing. If necessary, our team of experts can even develop relevant and interesting content which is optimised to attract and engage your core audience. No website yet? No problem. We’ll work closely with you to create a site from scratch, with bespoke content.


Social Media is becoming a fantastic way to engage with your target audience. We’ll help you set up a social presence and build an effective social media campaign across the platforms which are best suited for your charity.  Analysing how your audience view and interact with your social content, we’ll be able to adapt your strategy heading forwards. If you lack in-house resources, we can even manage your social channels for you.


While there are many different marketing strategies out there, it is important to remember that email marketing, if done correctly, is one of the most effective marketing methods. It gives you interaction with your existing customer base, those who already trust you, have bought from you and are most likely to buy from you in the future.


Whether you want to use your email list to send out a mailshot to inform customers about your latest product, to inform customers of a change of address, or just remind them you’re still here, Qlic can help. We can design, create and send our customised email campaigns to your clients. We can monitor a campaign to tell you which messages were received, bounced or blocked, and find out exactly who has opened your messages and the links they clicked on.


Blogging is another great way to engage with your online audience. Blogs offer multiple benefits to non-profits, including keeping your website fresh, your visitors engaged, and search engines interested. We will work with you to develop a blog strategy and our in-house editors can produce relevant content for you.

All blogs are created with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. This will see us utilising a number of specialist methods to create content which ranks as highly as possible on results pages.


Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO – as it is best known) is the process of attempting to your website content to rank as highly as possible on Google and other popular search engines for desired keywords. We provide comprehensive technical site audits of your website, which will make use of what you currently have and ensure your website is in line with SEO best practice. We also offer an effective link building service that focuses on delivering quality links to your website.


Pay Per Click (or PPC – as it is best known) is an advertising method where you pay only when someone clicks your advert. Our job is to reduce the cost and maximise the returns to our customers by using proven techniques and strategies to help get your adverts viewed by your target audience. This is what gives our customers the edge.

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