Six Tips for a Seamless IT Office Move

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Relocating your business can be a hugely stressful and complex experience. A poorly implemented office move can have a negative impact on your business, with IT downtime and disruption proving costly. Minimising these IT concerns through detailed planning and careful organisation will ensure that your business’ efficiency does not suffer during the move. Although moving office can seem like a daunting and challenging prospect, developing a thorough relocation strategy and getting professional help will ease the pressure and make the process as seamless as possible. If you are moving office to downsize or accommodate an expanding team, take a look at the following tips to achieve a successful IT office move.

Plan in advance

It is important to start planning several months in advance of moving office. Carrying out an audit of your infrastructure and making a checklist of the tasks which need to be undertaken will ensure that nothing is forgotten. Identifying pre-determined time-frames of when each task should be completed is a crucial part of preparation and can act as a map for your smooth transition. Having a floor plan of the new office layout will mean there is a clear understanding of where everything will be located and is a good way of tackling issues with your current office.


Ensuring all employees are aware of the plans for the office move will help make it a less stressful process. Defining individual responsibilities and involving employees in each stage of the move will make it more efficient and encourage enthusiasm for the new office.

Be practical

To ensure the ongoing efficiency of your IT systems, the physical infrastructure of your new office must be optimised. Your equipment and servers are less likely to be functional in your new location if you simply disconnect and move them all at once. Having a fixed planned of how you will transfer and locate your equipment suitably will reduce the risk of error and ensure your systems are functioning again as soon as possible.

Back up your data

Make sure that all valuable data is backed up and you have recovery plans in place in case any problems arise. Losing important files whilst moving office could be disastrous for your business, so it’s essential that you have relevant measures in place.

Review your IT systems

Reviewing your IT systems will establish any changes which need to be made, such as replacements for things which you no longer want or no longer work. Upgrading your network equipment can not only save money but improve your operating efficiency.

Get expert help

Although the tips above will increase the chance of an effective IT office move, it is essential to have professional assistance throughout the large-scale and time-consuming process. A specialist IT company can guarantee both the secure transportation and installation of your IT systems, which can be complex and risky to carry out yourself.


At Qlic we offer fully managed IT office moves. You’ll be assigned a project manager to manage the move from start to finish and who will be your liaison for all aspects of the upcoming move. If you have an upcoming office move and you would like to discuss the move of your IT infrastructure contact us now on [email protected] or 020  3904 3464. For more information on our IT consultancy’s services visit


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