Outsourced VS In-House IT Support

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Over the last 20 years or so, the Internet has revolutionised businesses, making it easier than ever before to store data, find new customers and promote your company. However, because of this growing emphasis on IT infrastructure, it’s important to have a dedicated team in place to assist with any problems.

For business IT support, a company would seemingly have two options to consider; either hire an in-house team to manage the IT side of the business or outsource.

What Is Business IT Support?

An internal IT team, whilst effective, can also be extremely expensive to integrate into your business. If you don’t have the time, money or resources to set-up a full scale in-house IT support team, your best option would be to outsource.

By doing so, what you end up with are experienced and qualified IT support experts for just a fraction of the cost. You can call on this expertise as and when your IT infrastructure is hit by a problem.

Qlic is one fine example of a professional IT support business. Their team of IT experts are on hand 24/7 to tackle any issues you’re experiencing and if it can’t be dealt with remotely, a technician will visit your business’ premises.

Of course, it can be difficult to choose the right IT support if you’ve little experience in the industry. Also, you may not know whether you actually need to outsource your IT support. One thing’s for sure though, with business IT support you’ll be able to work closely with a knowledgeable company who will get an understanding of your IT infrastructure and provide tailor-made assistance.

You Will Likely Require IT Support If:

• You are trying to grow your business and your current IT support is unable to handle the demand
• You have an IT support system in place but are disappointed in the length of time it takes to have a problem resolved or even get a response
• Your IT systems are continually failing and spend too much time ‘down’
• The current system isn’t aligned with your business goals and you’ve not a clear strategy in place
• You’re always worrying about the prospect of using up your allotted hours and risk extra charges.

The Benefits Of Business IT Support

Each business requires a tailor-made operation to ensure the correct IT support is in place. This should be in line to meet your business needs and support ideally on hand 24/7 as realistically, you could suffer downtime throughout the day or night.

There are plenty of excellent reasons to outsource your IT support too and you can see these below:

Better strategies: By reaching out and allowing an external team to manage your IT, you’ll be able to free up time and effectively work on other areas of the company. This could be on aspects such as strategic developments, sales or even new business initiatives.

Save money: An internal IT support team can be expensive, there’s no denying this. This is one of the key reasons to consider outsourcing as you’ll have an expert IT team at your fingertips without needing to spend a great deal.

Increased reliability: Businesses managing your IT infrastructure would have built up knowledge through years of experience and tackling a range of problems. As such, you can put your trust in this team to resolve any technical issues your IT has and count on them 24/7.

Grow your business: Growing your business is always exciting, but there’s plenty to factor into the equation when taking the next steps forward. By outsourcing your IT support you’ll be able to remove much of the hassle an in-house team would have trying to manage the growing demand.

All in one place: An IT support team will be able to tailor-make their service to your business, so you can ensure all aspects of your IT infrastructure are dealt with cost effectively and efficiently. One team can manage all areas.

Manage the risk element: With your IT infrastructure, there’s always the risk of a fault occurring and your network experiencing downtime. As such, your business could lose money for the whole time period. An external support team will be able to update your system as and when there are technological advances, lowering the risk of an issue presenting itself.

Access to field experts: By outsourcing support, you’ll gain the knowledge and assistance of experts in the field, so your trust is always rightly placed. No matter the problem that develops, you can be sure your dedicated team will respond in a timely manner and have you back up and running in no time at all.

With the right business IT support you can take advantage of all the benefits listed above. For more information on IT support and how it could benefit your business get in touch with Qlic today and discuss an IT audit and best practice analysis or visit the website now www.qlicnfp.com/managed-it-services/managed-it-support/

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