Is your IT Support Provider up to Scratch?

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Good IT support is hugely valuable to a business, having a powerful influence on user experience. It builds trust and brand awareness which can ultimately lead to increased sales. The kind of interpersonal relations provided by a business can mean the difference between adequate and outstanding IT support, which will affect the reputation of a brand. IT support is one of the most important facets of business relationships and therefore should not be seen as a nuisance or interruption. There are several things which play a role in forming the best IT support, especially communication and time management skills.

What to expect from your IT Support Provider –

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As well as having multiple skilled engineers at one’s disposal, having them at a fraction of the cost of an onsite staff member is very beneficial for your company.


This will allow multiple staff to receive IT support at any one time, receiving faster fixes and increasing productivity.


Having a team of experienced IT support engineers will guarantee an excellent standard of service for your company. If they also have an investment in staff resources, they will develop and research new technologies in order to find the best solutions for you.


Having an IT desk with a larger team and a management structure means they will be much more smooth running whilst being a lot more efficient, compared to a smaller team with no management guide.

Do you wish to have a new IT Support Provider? Learn how to switch –

It can be a daunting thought having to switch IT Providers if yours is not performing. It’s actually a lot easier than you think. Here is your three-step guide to making the process as easy as turning on your PC:


Your chosen IT provider will conduct a full site survey of your IT hardware, software and services including consultation with yourselves and your staff. They will detail your existing IT infrastructure and discuss any additional requirements


Just like switching your gas or electricity your IT provider will do all the hard work, contacting previous IT suppliers and 3rd party vendors, requesting information, detailing equipment, obtaining password etc. and all you have to do is to continue doing what you do best; running your organisation!


Once the site survey and IT audit have been completed, your IT provider will provide a thorough report on the level of support they would recommend. If you are happy with all recommendations all that is left to do is to give the go-ahead. That’s it! Following the site survey, and all information being gathered from suppliers, your IT provider will have everything they need to start providing you with a fully managed helpdesk.

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Click here for your own FREE IT Support Provider checklist!

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