Small Charity IT Day

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About Small Charity IT Day

Wednesday 16th November 2022

Following the success of the previous two year’s events, Qlic is delighted to announce that Small Charity IT Day will be running again on 16th November 2022.

Small Charity IT Day 2022 brings you a day dedicated to providing advice and guidance (plus a few prizes too) to help small charities along their IT journey. We will be giving you the latest information and tips on lots of IT topics such as cyber security, hybrid working, digital transformation, cloud backup, website management and getting the best for your charity in terms of third sector discounts etc.

Our dedicated Technical Account Managers will be running 3 webinars throughout the day. Each webinar will roughly be 45 minutes long and will be split into a 25 minute presentation and a 20 minute live Q&A. There are also guest speakers joining us on the day (including Datto, Datakind, National Cyber Security Centre and Dot Project) who will also be doing their own 45 minute webinars split into a presentation and live Q&A

We’re offering 100 attendees £15 Just Eat e-vouchers, as well as hosting a live prize draw at the end of the day where one lucky attendee will win our exclusive tech bundle!

Small Charity IT Day Schedule

Wednesday 16th November 2022

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Cyber Security Top Tips for the Third Sector

Adam will be giving you an introduction to the minefield of cyber security.
Looking at various solutions and technologies available to charities and the best 
social engineering and phishing best practices to utilise.

Adam from Qlic


Cyber Essentials- Assuring Your Charity against Cyber Attacks

Is your charity Cyber Essentials certified? Becca and Sophie from National
Cyber Security Centre will be providing you guidance covered in the
certification, and assesing the readiness tool to see what you have in place
already and what can be aimed for.

Becca from National Cyber Security Centre & Neil from IASME

Data Science Tips for Charities

What role does data science have in the social sector? Drawing from DataKind
UK’s nine years of experience supporting social sector organisations to use
data science, you’ll hear real-life case studies from charities, local government,
and social enterprises across the UK. You’ll gain insight into how organisations
like yours can use data science to improve their operations, understand their
clients better, evaluate their services, and increase theirimpact. Join Datakind's
webinar to find out about their tools and resources that help organisations frame
their data challenges, scope projects, and assess data ethics.

Zara Sari from Datakind

The New Hybrid Working Model & Migrating to the Cloud

At the moment, everyone's working environments will be varied. Whether you are
remote working, hybrid working or in the office, Mike will be giving you tips on how
to communicate and collaborate with ease wherever you're working. As well as,
delving into the Cloud and it's amazing benefits on hybrid working.

Mike from Qlic

Is Your Charity Using the Cloud? What About Cloud Backup?

Is your charity using the Cloud but doesn't have any back-up in place? Find out
how easy it is to protect and back-up all your files and sensitive data with Datto's
Cloud Back-up.

Chris and Simon from Datto

WordPress & Elementor for the Third Sector

Making sure that your website is up-to-date and running on the best platform
is vital when it comes to receiving recognition online. Pavan will be sharing
lots of tools to enhance your website.

Pav from Qlic

Charity Guide to Building Digital Perfection

Find out more about the amazing work Dot Project does with the third sector
to enhance their digital mindset and capabilities. From technology consulting,
coaching and advocacy, the Dot Project really do put the third sector first.

Annie from Dot Project

Prize Draw

We will be rounding off the event with an exclusive prize draw. Make sure you
stay tuned right till the end for your chance of winning Qlic's tech bundle!

The Qlic Team

Our Speakers

Adam Graham

Operations Director
Adam will be talking about all things cyber security at Small Charity IT Day. From the malicious attacks you should keep an eye out for, to the best cber security solutions for your charity, Adam will be giving you the top tips on cyber security for the third sector.

Michael Horton

Head of Business Development
Mike will be hosting the Cloud and Hybrid Working webinar. This will involve setting up The Cloud for your charity and the top tips to making hybrid working seamless. Find out more in his webinar.


Senior Account Manager
Pavan knows all the top tips when it comes to website development. He will be highlighting how to use WordPress and more importantly Elementor when creating or updating your current charity's website. He will also be doing a live demo of Elementor.