Qlic 2023 Greatest Hits

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As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s the perfect moment to look back on our accomplishments and milestones at Qlic.

The Qlic team has not only met but exceeded many of our set targets this year, further solidifying our commitment to excellence. In addition, we’ve had the privilege to collaborate with numerous new businesses and charities, expanding our reach and impact.

We have been more active than ever in industry events, both attending and sponsoring, enabling us to connect with our community in meaningful ways.

Read on to discover all we’ve achieved as a team in 2023…


Engaging Events & Collaborations

We’ve significantly ramped up our participation in charity events in the past year. We’re proud to have been part of 15 in-person and online events, each providing unique opportunities for connection, learning, and growth.

A highlight of our year was hosting a webinar in collaboration with Microsoft, titled “Levelling Up with Microsoft 365”. The event saw the highest-ever sign-up rate, reflecting the interest and need for effective digital solutions within the non-profit sector.

We celebrated the 4th year of our annual Charity IT Day. This event continues to be a cornerstone of our calendar, embodying our commitment to supporting charities through technology. Each year, Charity IT Day brings together industry professionals and charitable organisations, fostering dialogue and collaboration for the betterment of the sector.



Exciting New Partnerships

This year, we’re thrilled to announce our new partnerships with Microsoft TSI and ACEVO.

Our collaboration with Microsoft TSI has been particularly exciting. This partnership not only enhances our service offerings but also aligns perfectly with our mission to empower our clients through technology.

In addition, we’ve joined forces with ACEVO, a leading organisation dedicated to supporting and connecting charity and social leaders. Next year, we’ll be attending our first ever in-person event with ACEVO in March, ACEVO Fest.



Making a Difference

This year we completed several charity challenges that brought our team together and allowed us to give back to our community. We’re thrilled to announce that through these initiatives, we managed to raise over £2,000 for charity!

At Qlic we’re all about giving back, and this year has been no exception. We completed a 15,000ft skydive, rolled up our sleeves to give a charity space a fresh new look ready for re-opening, made some personal sacrifices to raise money, and even put together a Christmas Donation! All donations went to The Maypole Project, Dramatize and Morecambe Bay.

We are immensely proud of our team’s dedication and effort throughout these challenges. Their enthusiasm not only contributed to our fundraising success but also helped foster a stronger, more connected team.



Welcoming New Team Members

At Qlic IT, we’re thrilled to introduce 8 new team members in 2023! Darren has joined as our Onboarding Support Coordinator, ensuring smooth client transitions. James is our new Service Desk Dispatcher, adeptly managing service requests. We’ve also welcomed Michael and David as Solutions Delivery Engineers, bringing extensive technical expertise to the team.

Rae our new Office Administrator, is enhancing our daily operations and working alongside the marketing team. Hassam has joined our team as a 2nd Line Service Desk Engineer, with a strong background in providing excellent support and solving complex technical challenges. Leo as a 1st Line Service Desk Technician, is providing excellent customer service while solving tech issues. Lastly, Billy has joined as a Workstation Configuration Engineer, optimising our clients’ workstations for maximum efficiency.



A Year of Exciting Internal Incentives

2023 was a blast at Qlic IT, thanks to our lineup of exciting team events. We dove into the year with a life-sized Monopoly game – a unique twist on team building! We attended a Summer Festival offering a mix of music, food, and fun. A day trip to Thorpe Park brought thrills for everyone, and to round up the year, we threw an end-of-year party to celebrate our achievements!



A Year of Milestones

Reflecting on the past year, several standout moments and achievements come to mind. One of the many highlights was our involvement in the Microsoft TSI event where our Managing Director, Adam, gave a panel talk. His insights and expertise were well-received, further establishing Qlic as a leader in the IT space.

Another memorable event was our 4th annual Charity IT Day. This online event continues to be a highlight of our calendar, bringing together industry professionals and charitable organisations for meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

We also hosted a successful webinar with Microsoft TSI which saw record sign-ups, reflecting the growing interest in effective digital solutions within the non-profit sector.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we received the ‘Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Partner’ designation – this recognises our commitment to providing innovative and effective IT solutions. This designation is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication throughout 2023.


2023 Key Stats

  1. New Client Partnerships: Welcomed 48 new clients, expanding our diverse portfolio and reach.
  2. Support Ticket Resolution: Completed a total of 63,308 support tickets, showcasing our team’s dedication and efficiency.
  3. Quick Turnaround: Achieved an 80% success rate in resolving tickets in less than 24 hours, demonstrating our commitment to swift and effective client service.
  4. User Support: Extended our support to a total of 5,121 users, ensuring smooth navigation of their IT environments.
  5. Charity Contributions: Raised £2,000 for various charities, underscoring our commitment to community involvement and social responsibility.


2023 has been an incredible journey for us at Qlic IT. We’ve had a year filled with unforgettable experiences that have not only brought us closer as a team but also fueled our productivity and passion for what we do. As the year wraps up, we take a moment to celebrate our achievements and express our gratitude for such a dedicated team. Here’s to another year of teamwork, growth, and accomplishment in 2024!

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