5 amazing benefits of choosing a bespoke CRM system for your business

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A customer relationship management system (CRM) is a series of software and data applications, which have been designed to compile information on your customers from your company’s various communication channels. This includes your website and social media accounts to your telephone networks and direct mail marketing strategies.

By investing in a bespoke CRM system that has been specifically designed to suit the needs of your business, you can facilitate the smooth and efficient running of all your business processes, rapidly identify and resolve customer queries, and promote business unity across all aspects of your company. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of choosing a bespoke CRM system, then here are five amazing benefits this innovative software will offer your business.

1. Easier to install & use than standard software

A primary advantage of investing in a bespoke CRM system for your business is the fact that it will be much easier to install and use than standard CRM software. Whereas standard CRM systems will follow a generic model, a bespoke system will be designed with your specific business requirements in mind and can be easily and quickly modified to complement the changing needs of your evolving business.

Moreover, by choosing a bespoke CRM system you will also receive remote or onsite training for your company staff and existing IT Support team. At Qlic our developers provide demonstrations of your company’s bespoke CRM software and will resolve any queries you may have. In this manner, your company can quickly get used to your new bespoke CRM system, maintain it with ease and effortlessly manage all of your customer data, business information, marketing channels and investor relationships.

2. Increased efficiency levels

Without a doubt, one of the main benefits of choosing a bespoke CRM system for your business is the impact that it will have on your staff’s workplace productivity and your company’s overall efficiency levels. This is due to the fact that utilising a bespoke CRM system will enable you to efficiently manage all of your company’s customer data and lead opportunities from start to finish within one unified software system. From identifying your target market and devising marketing strategies that will appeal directly to them, to automating important accounting processes and providing ongoing customer support to improve customer retention rates, using a bespoke CRM system can be integral to the long term success and expansion of any small, medium or large scale organisation.

Increased efficiency in the processing of customer queries and the seizing of viable marketing opportunities will significantly improve the rate at which you secure leads from new and existing consumers. Due to the fact that a wide range of your company processes will be now automated via a bespoke CRM system, you will be able to improve the efficiency with which your staff carry out daily administrational processes. Less time will be spent on data entry and resolving administrational errors; thereby enabling your staff to spend more time on high priority tasks which will earn your company loyal consumers and improve your overall profit margins.

3. Improved customer support systems

Whether you run a small e-commerce site or a multinational charitable organisation, providing your new and existing customers with an excellent level of customer service is instrumental to your long term business success. However, according to a recent infographic designed by National Positions, 40% of organisations surveyed cited ‘complexity’ as the greatest barrier to improving multi-channel customer experience.

Fortunately, by choosing a bespoke CRM system, you will be able to keep accurate and detailed records of every customer contact associated with your business. Free from the complexities of generic CRM software, this bespoke system will be familiar to your company’s administrational processes – so your staff will be able to quickly and easily access data and resolve any consumer query. No hassle, no logistical complications – just a clear channel of communication between your staff and your valued consumers.

4. Targeted marketing strategies

Having access to a broad spectrum of customer data via a bespoke CRM system will also enable you to create more efficient marketing campaigns for your key consumers. By using the data you have on file about your customers’ age bracket, gender, buying patterns and interests, you will be able to identify your target market and create promotional campaigns, which are relevant to their previous purchases.

For example, using your bespoke CRM system, you could automate email notifications to consumers when an updated version of a product or service they previously purchased is released, or you could automate email notifications including voucher codes and exclusive discounts on special occasions throughout the year. This could be birthdays, Christmases, or the anniversary of when a customer first purchased from your company.

Not only will these processes improve the efficiency of your marketing department, but they will also make your customers feel that their needs and opinions are valued by your company; a process which will convert into repeat custom and recommendations for your brand. Given that a Brown List infographic reported that 73% of customers have spent more with a company because of a history of good customer service, equipping your business with a bespoke CRM system could prove instrumental to improving your company’s consumer retention rates, profit margins and customer satisfaction levels.

5. Traceable results & business unity

Bespoke CRM systems help you to track all aspects of your business; from your sales figures from individual customers to the effectiveness of specific marketing strategies. Having access to a wealth of customer records and sales data within one unified software system facilitates a seamless customer management and data sharing system for your entire company.

For instance, when a customer purchases a product from your company, your bespoke CRM system will be able to automatically generate invoices and import them to both the consumer in question and your accounting department. At the same time, this bespoke CRM system will provide your marketing department with the ability to track all customer orders from the point of sale through to their feedback – once their product has been delivered. This ability to track every single aspect of your business can be integral to highlighting areas of improvement within specific areas of your company, as well as providing a clear channel of communication across all of the departments within your organisation.

Ultimately, choosing a bespoke CRM system for your business will facilitate a seamless customer management and data sharing system for your entire company; a valuable business resource which can improve efficiency levels, boost profit margins and earn you a network of loyal consumers.

For more information on how a bespoke CRM system could benefit your business visit https://www.qlicnfp.com/crm-systems/. If you would like to learn more please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Qlic team today.

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