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About Freewheelers Theatre & Media Company

Freewheelers is a diverse and creative company of people with disabilities based in Leatherhead, Surrey.

Working alongside directors, producers, composers, artists and writers, to co-create and produce engaging, thought-provoking, funny, joyous and highly entertaining theatre, dance, film, and music. For over thirty years they have been a force for change and artistic excellence in the world of Disability Arts. With locations across Surrey, they make theatre, dance, film, music and visual art that challenges perceptions and defies expectations.

Freewheelers recently became an NPO awarded by Arts Council England. Being one of only 271 new organisations in the country, this was a great achievement for Freewheelers and something they are extremely proud of. With this NPO status this allows Freewheelers to grow and expand into the wider community, seeking new members and opportunities.

Freewheeler's Challenges

The cost of living is constantly rising which is having a real impact on members leaving them with less disposable income. Transport to and from workshops can be rather expensive due to type of vehicle needed to cater to their needs. Wheelchair vehicles can be very expensive to run or to even come by when needing to hire. This can often mean that members are unable to attend workshops due to lack of transport available to them, leaving them isolated having a real impact on their mental health.

The lack of funding available to them means the arts is seen as more of a luxury rather than a necessity. Through their work Freewheelers supports mental health, wellbeing and social skills through acting, dance, drama, visual arts, and music. Standing out in such a competitive industry can be very difficult, they aim to change people’s perspectives on creative arts for the disabled community and be seen for who they are and what they do.

Freewheelers theatre & media company's Achievements / Goals

Freewheelers is a member led company giving attendees creative process and the friendly, communal Freewheelers atmosphere to gain confidence, independence, social skills, and self-expression in which they can thrive.
Every week is packed with creative workshops where members come together to share their creative talents, learn new skills and work towards a new performance, film or piece of art.
Freewheelers is a home from home for many members (some of whom have been with them for almost three decades!)
A day with the Freewheelers is a chance to meet friends, chat, laugh, have fun and be yourself!

They have recently had a visit from HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh to celebrate his 60th Birthday who took part in some of the workshops and spent time getting to know some of their members.

Freewheeler's Social Channels

Donate to Freewheelers Theatre & Media Company here, or check out their social media channels below!

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