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About Women For Refugee Women

Women for Refugee Women is a charity supporting women who are seeking safety from war, persecution, gender-based and sexual violence, and other torture to rebuild their lives in the UK.

Through their creative and educational activities, WFRW empower refugee and asylum-seeking women to build their confidence and skills and to rebuild their lives in the ways they wish to do so. They seek to influence wide audiences and build empathy for refugee women by supporting women to share their stories and experiences with the media, at events, and through the arts. WFRW make change by working alongside refugee women, parliamentarians and policy-makers to implement the necessary changes for a fairer, compassionate asylum system for women.

Women For Refugee Women's Challenges

The cost-of-living crisis is being felt by all, but the impact on those who are the most vulnerable, like refugee women is particularly acute. For women who are already struggling to meet their needs, the rising costs of food and basic necessities is pushing them into further difficulty.

These difficulties are worsened by the extremely hostile environment for refugee women which this year alone has seen the Government continue to threaten to deport women seeking safety to Rwanda; the passing into law of the harmful and cruel Illegal Migration Act; and previous Home Secretary, Suella Braverman disregard gender and sexuality as a basis for protection needs.

Women For Refugee Women's Achievements / Goals

Women for Refugee Women supports over 300 refugee and asylum-seeking women across the UK, from over 25 different countries through over 2,900 hours of activities per year. Through our creative and educational activities, over 420 hours of high-quality legal advice a year and hardship support we support refugee women to rebuild their lives in the UK, on their terms.

Women like Beatrice, who told WFRW; “When I arrived in the UK after fleeing war, I was terrified and completely alone. I had seen so much. Felt so much fear. I was broken… But then I discovered the charity Women for Refugee Women. Through their community of sisterhood and solidarity, I improved my English. I learned how to better advocate for myself. I made friends… I am no longer alone.” 

Alongside the refugee and asylum-seeking women in their network, they campaign for a fairer, compassionate asylum-system. In the increasingly hostile environment, it is important to celebrate the vital campaigning wins they have achieved recently. For example, WFRW won a legal challenge against the lack of access to in-personal legal advice for asylum-seeking women locked up in Derwentside detention centre. This means that individuals who are detained will be able to receive face-to-face legal advice and meaningful access to justice. They also maintained the 72 hour time limit on pregnant women in immigration detention; a vital protection which the Illegal Migration Act originally proposed to scrap.

Women For Refugee Women's Social Channels

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