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About The Harmony Therapy Trust

The Harmony Therapy Trust provides free complementary sessional support such as massage, oncology massage, reiki, reflexology, MLD, RLD, acupuncture, EFT, counselling, wig/scalp advice and scar management to those with life-altering conditions and their carers to help them maintain good mental and physical wellness while going through treatment and beyond.

Harmony Therapy very often deals with palliative/ EOL beneficiaries bringing some calm and relaxation to them and their families at the end of their journey. Their beneficiaries come to them through a referral from a medical professional which they process and allocate to the nearest therapist that suits their needs.

All of Harmony Trusts’ therapists are minimum level 3 with the majority having completed specialist oncology training for their chosen field. Each person is given 6 sessions with a further 2 for their carer/family member.

Harmony Therapy hosts well-being days within Kent open to everyone to come along and try their therapies. They also support other charities by taking along therapists to their events.

The Harmony Therapy Trust's Challenges

Challenges that The Harmony Therapy Trust faces at the minute is the increase in referrals. In the first half of 2023, referrals have increased by 26% which has had a major impact on our limited funding.

Each referral has a cost to the charity of £500 and is solely funded by donations and grants. Their charity is run by just 1 part-time employee and 5 volunteers who do everything from finance and funding right through to allocation to their 50+ self-employed therapists.

Harmony Therapy Trust are looking to secure funding for paid employees which has been a challenge during the current economic crisis

The Harmony Therapy Trust's Achievements / Goals

This year Harmony Therapy Trust will be celebrating the 10,000 beneficiaries they’ve helped!

They have also received some heart-touching feedback such as the small selection included below. It really shows how valuable their sessional support is –

  • “Harmony helped me find a rainbow when my life’s been a storm”
  • “Mums treatments helped her through her last few weeks”
  • “With waiting times being longer than ever I was grateful for Harmony’s sessional support to keep me relaxed between appointments”
  • “I can’t believe the difference in swelling following treatment (MLD) I have an increased range of movement”
  • “While caring for my uncle it was lovely to have some me time and a massage something I wouldn’t be able to afford myself”
  • “Following my diagnosis I felt that was all that I was, everything was about my illness Harmony showed me I’m still a person”


One of the things Harmony Therapy Trust pride itself on is being able to help carers/family members with sessional support. They have recently started a weekly craft and conversation group where their beneficiaries can come and meet with other members of the community while learning/ teaching new skills.

The Harmony Therapy Trust also have guests from other charities/groups come along once a month to talk about what helps them with things such as cost of living, home modification, travel to appointments.

This year, Harmony has supported 4 other charities during volunteers week taking along therapists to their events  to give volunteers some much-needed pampering and we hope that next year we can host a volunteer well-being thank you day open to all volunteers in the areas we cover

If you would like to become one of The Harmony Therapy Trust’s supporters, contact them here to donate.

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