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About Home for Good

Since 2014, Home for Good have been on a mission to find a home for every child who needs one through fostering, adoption and supported lodgings for teenagers. This year, 36,000 children and young people will come into care in the UK. Each and every child is brimming with potential and deserving of a loving, safe and stable home where they can thrive yet there aren’t enough carers to give them this.

Home for Good’s work is focussed on finding excellent prospective carers and adoptive parents, especially for children who wait the longest for permanence. They work in every corner of the UK to inform and inspire individuals, families and churches to play their part.

They provide personalised support for those exploring adoption, fostering and supported lodgings to ensure they can refer people for assessment who are well-prepared and resilient. Lastly, they use their voice, on behalf of children in care, to advocate and influence government to bring about systemic change to benefit vulnerable children across the UK both now, and in the years to come.

Home For Good's Challenges

There is an unprecedented number of children in care in the UK and this number is set to rise. Meanwhile, fewer people are exploring fostering and adoption. There are also pressures on the retention of existing foster carers; A survey by FosterTalk found that 43% of those surveyed may be forced to give up fostering in the next two years without additional financial support. Last year the number of fostering households in England fell.

As Home for Good navigate the recovery from the global pandemic as well as the cost of living crisis, they are also seeing challenges in fundraising which is a trend spotted across the third sector.

Home For Good's Achievements / Goals

Home For Good continues to reach and inspire thousands of individuals, families and churches through speaking engagements, courses, events and festivals. They have now established a staff member working in every region and nation in the UK and last year they received almost 1,000 enquiries from prospective carers.

They are proud to have influenced policy developments across the UK this year at the highest levels. For example, they engaged with the “once-in-a-generation” Review of Children’s social care in England and made submissions to all four of the Review’s consultations. In response to the Review, in February 2023 the government set out its next steps for Children’s social care in England with an implementation strategy titled, ‘Stable Homes, Built on Love’.

Home For Good has also blazed a trail in the creation of the ‘Supported Lodgings National Network’ of providers and others in the sector to help increase the usage of a cost-effective, relationship-centered solution for older children in care. Without this forum, these remarkable providers would be disconnected from those with similar experiences and lack support.

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