The Listening Place

Charity For January 2022 

About the Listening Place

The Listening Place provides free, face-to-face, 100% confidential support for people who’re struggling with their mental health and are having suicidal thoughts. All of the support which The Listening Place provides for their visitors is delivered by highly trained volunteers and offers a warm and welcoming environment; somewhere individuals can talk openly about their feelings, without any judgement. Since opening in 2016, we have received over 13,000 referrals and we now deliver over 100 appointments a day across two sites (with a third opening in April 2022).

Their Challenges

Recently, there has been a pronounced spike in the demand for their type of support. This is partially due to the pandemic and its effect upon people but also because they’re expanding as a charity. At the start of the pandemic, they received an average of 250 referrals a month, now they receive an average of 500. Though the demand is high, it is not unmanageable because they’re close to opening their third site in West London.
Moreover, in spite of this growth, they have taken it in their stride and were able to continue their great support service by contacting all referrals within 24 hours and offering their first appointment within a week, as well as providing them with ongoing support.

Their Achievements / Goals

In the six years since The Listening Place opened, their volunteers have provided ongoing support to over 9000 people and have trained more than 1,000 volunteers to support suicidal people. They also recently won Charity of the Year at the 2021 Charity Times Awards which felt like a testament to the amazing impact that their staff and volunteers have achieved.
They also have a lot of pride in the work they do and are thrilled to see that after an average of four months, visitors to The Listening Place experience significant reductions in how suicidal they feel and their mental state improves dramatically.

Their ultimate goal is for anyone who, for whatever reason feels life is no longer worth living, can find a place with a warm and open listener where they can talk freely and openly.

Our Time With The Listening Place

We have been working with The Listening Place for 5 years now and it has been an amazing journey with them! 

When The Listening Place first joined us, we started off with a full account review and an audit of their offices to work out how we could improve their current IT set-up. We then went on to suggest lots of new IT equipment and infrastructure which would really benefit The Listening Place and their efficiency when it comes to IT. Below are a few of the major projects which we have completed for The Listening Place;

Completed Projects


Upcoming Projects

The Listening Place's Socials

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Do you wish to donate or start a  fundraising event for The Listening Place? By raising money for them, you will directly be supporting those with suicidal thoughts and it will fund their support service so that they can continue to provide amazing support for those in need.

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