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About Repton Community Trust

Repton Community Trust was formed in 2016. Our aim is to provide excellent resources and opportunities, empowering people to connect, build community and lead a more fulfilling life. Repton Connect Community Centre is run by the trust, creating a place where people can belong and contribute.

Since Repton Connect Community Centre opened in October 2018 over 80,000 people have accessed learning and development opportunities, attended social events, learnt new skills and accessed our services.

Our core projects include * The Peoples Pantry. A community lead foodbank* A community shop (social supermarket * Community fridges distributing surplus supermarket food to people *Community recipe box schemes reducing long-term reliance on foodbanks * A community kitchen garden *Free holiday activities and food for children, young people and their families.

Their Challenges

We are facing many challenges including increased energy costs and reduced grant funding. We are experiencing a 333% increase in demand for our food bank and community shop. Food donations have decreased, and demand can outweigh supply.

Their Achievements / Goals

We support over 6000 people every year with our food projects and services. We have also provided over 1000 children and young people with free holiday activities and food. We have supported 682 people isolating with COVID-19 with food, activity, and well-being packs and distributed over £24,000 of free food, cleaning and hygiene products.

People tell us that by using our food projects they can pay bills more easily; enjoy fruit and vegetables they wouldn’t be able to buy and have reduced stress levels. Our recipe box schemes have increased people’s cooking skills, enabled people to try new recipes and have encouraged friends and family to cook together more often.

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Repton Community Shop

Repton have recently launched their crowdfunding campaign to help raise money to take their shop mobile! Find out more below and the donation link to help raise money for their mobile shop here.

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