York Road Project

Case Study


York Road Project (YRP) are dedicated to assisting individuals facing homelessness or those at risk of becoming homeless in the Woking area. The organisation recognises that many of the individuals they serve have endured traumatic experiences, often during their childhood, which have lasting effects on their daily lives.  

They are committed to providing support and assistance 24/7, 365 days a year. Services include offering a secure and welcoming environment where individuals can find solace and tailored support that caters to their specific needs. York Road Project understand the unique challenges faced by each person, and the team is dedicated to offering comprehensive assistance to help them navigate their circumstances and work towards a brighter future. 


York Road Project were using Hybrid cloud setup centralised around Microsoft 365, however there were still remnants of a physical server. The server was providing network management, user account control and device management, which restricted their flexibility and collaboration.  

The organisation had decided that looking for a new IT partner to scope and implement an improved solution with ongoing pro-active service, consultancy and enhanced customer service. York Road Project met Qlic at the Surrey Community Matters event and from there, invited Adam Graham to meet with Joanne Thurling, the Purchasing & Systems Lead. 


Following an initial meeting and fact find, we prepared a proposal to alleviate the ongoing issues, by decommissioning the physical server and proposed the implementation of Azure Active Directory (AAD) and Microsoft Intune. By leveraging these cloud-based solutions, we aimed to address their concerns comprehensively and provide a secure, scalable, and efficient environment for their network management, user account control, and device management needs. 

To ensure a robust access control system, we recommended the adoption of Azure Active Directory. By implementing AAD, the company would have the ability to manage user accounts effectively, granting access only to individuals with active organisational email accounts.  

To streamline device management and enforce best practices, we proposed the use of Microsoft Intune. This solution allowed for centralised management of local device policies, including password strength enforcement and administrator privileges. By utilising Intune, the company could easily and efficiently update and secure devices, ensuring that all systems were up to date and aligned with the organisation’s security protocols. 

Following approval of the initial project, we also performed a full audit and review of their SharePoint site. The structure was problematic and user permissions were difficult to audit and manage, creating a GDPR headache! Joanne approved a proposal allowing us to rebuild and restructure their data in line with GDPR regulations, enabling the York Road Project to maintain control over user access to devices and protect sensitive data from unauthorised exposure. 


By implementing our proposed solution, York Road Project experienced significant improvements in network management, user account control, and device management. 

The completion of the project has left York Road Project delighted and empowered to work with newfound flexibility and productivity. They now enjoy the benefits of having their systems hosted by Microsoft 365, eliminating the need for a cumbersome physical server. 

In addition to the successful implementation, our comprehensive IT Support service ensures that end users receive continuous guidance and assistance. We provide ongoing consultancy to cater to their evolving needs.  

Our commitment to delivering reliable support and expert advice enables our client to focus on their core activities, confident in the knowledge that their IT infrastructure is in capable hands.  


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