Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester

Case Study


Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester (VAAC) is a non-profit organisation that provides support to voluntary and community groups in Arun and Chichester districts in West Sussex, England.  


VAAC first met at Qlic IT at our Charity IT Day event. VAAC were struggling with their current IT setup, which was a mixture of on-premise server and Microsoft 365. This meant that hybrid working was troublesome and understanding how to protect their system in terms of backups and cyber security was a minefield! 

The current provider was not offering the required level of service or any long term solutions to there on-going problems, so they invited Adam at Qlic to meet with them and offer some advice and assistance. 


Following an initial meeting and fact find, we agreed with VAAC that the first step was to onboard them for our Enterprise IT Support service. This would give us full access to their systems and allow us to provide a comprehensive site survey and Best Practice Analysis to truly understand the problems and provide a comprehensive long term solution. 

Our proposed solution would utilise industry-leading services to provide a secure, efficient, and best-in-class working environment for all VAAC users. We will make full use of Microsoft 365 and the available charity licensing throughout, provisioning advanced functionality, scalability, and reliability at a fraction of the cost of maintaining on-premise or private cloud servers. 


By implementing our proposed solution, VAAC experienced significant improvements in network management, user account control, and device management, as well as:  

Reduced costs: VAAC will save money by decommissioning their legacy server and moving to the cloud. 

Improved security: VAAC’s data will be more secure in the cloud, with centrally controlled security policies and full encryption of devices. 

Increased flexibility: VAAC’s users will be able to access their data from anywhere, on any device. 

Improved collaboration: VAAC’s users will be able to collaborate more easily on documents and projects. 

Reduced IT overhead: VAAC will have less IT overhead, as we will be managing their cloud infrastructure. 

Our proposed solution has provided VAAC with a secure, efficient, and best-in-class IT infrastructure. We are confident that this solution will meet VAAC’s needs and help them achieve their goals. 



Throughout the whole experience everyone has been very efficient, very helpful and very supportive. I am so grateful for the time that Qlic have taken to explain everything they were doing. We really appreciated the time and care to come up with the best solution, thinking about what suits our organisation; a joint effort to see what works best for us, which you don’t often get! I would certainly recommend Qlic to others, the process has been so good. We now feel supported, which goes a long way to make our working life easier. 

Sharon Westcott 
Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester 

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