Southwark Pensioners

Case Study



Southwark Pensioners were not yet using Office 365, meaning all of their users’ emails and files were not under the correct security procedures to keep the data of the company secure. However, Southwark Pensioners were concerned to whether the fiber broadband in their area had high enough speeds to migrate them to Office 365.

Furthermore, Southwark Pensioners were also considering upgrading their current server as the warranty was due to run out very soon, and Dell would not renew their warranty anymore due to its age.


Premier’s most comprehensive solution was to install and configure a new DELL PowerEdge Server that runs with Windows Server 2016 at the main office.

Premier advised migration of all their files and folders to SharePoint Online. This allows their users to easily share and manage files, folders and any content from a device which is connected to the internet to empower teamwork, seamless collaboration, and quick search for information.

Once Premier analysed that in the area which Southwark Pensioners is situated, Virgin broadband was available with speeds up to 350Mbps, this meant that migrating their current email solution to Microsoft Office 365 could be done very easily. This allows secure email access via any additional devices that the users may use.

Premier also proposed an extra feature to add some more security for Southwark Pensioner’s data. For enhanced backup of their data within the SharePoint solution, we recommended using Datto cloud as any deleted or infected data can be recovered from any point in time.


This process was coordinated by our projects team, liaising directly with the staff at Southwark Pensioners to look at the logistics and come up with the best proposed project plan. Overall, the duration of the project took around 4 weeks, from start to finish.

Prior to any work starting on-site at Southwark Pensioners’ office, an order was placed with Virgin Broadband to discuss their VOOM service and to find out any information and quotations.

The SharePoint migration and implementing Office 365 all took place over a pre-specified weekend by our dedicated project manager and his team. This was done out of business hours to ensure that it did not disrupt the staff whilst they worked during the week. All shared data was migrated to individual SharePoint Team Sites with specific users’ permissions and access. Our project team aim to keep the existing user experience intact, and make the transition to SharePoint seamless, with minimal disruption.

Following the migration our team members were on-site at Southwark Pensioners to provide them with user training and answer any questions or queries.

Following the migration, Southwark Pensioners use our managed support desk regularly to provide fast, pro-active response and resolution to all support cases.


One of the main benefits that Southwark Pensioners immediately realised was the migration over to Office 365 not only improved their security and user access policies, but also enabled more flexible remote working and staff members can now access their files in areas of limited connectivity and when ‘on the go’. This optimised their business continuity and efficiency.

The implementing of a new PowerEdge server that ran with Windows Server 2016 meant that Southwark had a server which provided network addressing, user profiles, workstation management, printer management and domain level security to all users and devices.

Southwark Pensioners also had the added peace of mind as our service desk was on-hand with fast responses and fixed issues in the event of any problems with their devices or IT infrastructure.

Southwark were also very impressed with our work overall that they decided to join a yearly contract with Premier!