Case Study

How We Helped Emmaus Transform Their IT Support and Achieve Their Mission


Emmaus is a charity that supports people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion. Emmaus provides a home, meaningful work, and a sense of belonging to more than 800 people across the UK. Emmaus also runs social enterprises that generate income and offer opportunities for companions, as the people supported by Emmaus are known, to develop new skills and confidence. Emmaus UK works with 29 independent Emmaus Communities and Groups across the UK, offering support and guidance to help them grow and achieve their goals.


Emmaus UK and several of the Emmaus Communities were working with another Managed Service Provider (MSP), but they were unhappy with the service they received. They felt their existing MSP did not understand their needs, did not communicate well and did not necessarily deliver the best value compared to other offerings in the marketplace. Emmaus UK (on behalf of the buying group) decided to look for a better IT support solution that would meet their requirements and align with the values of the organisation. 


We were delighted to be chosen as the new MSP for Emmaus UK and 19 Emmaus Communities across the UK, supporting over 250 users. We began the onboarding process by conducting a comprehensive audit of Emmaus UK and the 19 Communities around the country. During the audit, we assessed their current IT infrastructure, whilst identifying knowledge gaps and technological risks currently in place. We then presented an individual Best Practice Analysis report for Emmaus UK and each of the Communities, helping them to identify any key security vulnerabilities as well as productivity improvements, user/device security and a plethora of other topics. 


Beyond the initial audit, we have provided them with ongoing unlimited-use IT support, where we proactively monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot their IT environment, ensuring optimal performance and security. We also offer them strategic IT consultancy, where we advise them on how to leverage technology to achieve their objectives and grow their impact. We communicate with them regularly, through reporting, account manager reviews and ad-hoc meetings, to ensure that we are meeting expectations and delivering value. 


Since switching to our IT support service, Emmaus UK has enjoyed a smooth and hassle-free IT experience. They no longer have to worry about IT issues, as we resolve them quickly and effectively. They can focus on their core activities, such as providing a home and work for their companions, running their social enterprises, and supporting their communities. 

They can also rely on our IT support team, who are friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. All users have direct access to our support service, where they can get immediate assistance and advice. They also have a dedicated account manager, who understands their needs and goals, and works with them to ensure their satisfaction and success. 


  • Reduced IT costs and increased ROI 
  • Increased productivity and efficiency for Emmaus UK and Emmaus Communities 
  • Enhanced customer service and satisfaction 
  • Improved IT security, compliance, and resilience 
  • Leveraged technology to support their mission and vision 


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