Community Activities Project Ealing (CAPE)

Case Study

How We Helped CAPE Transition to Outsourced IT Support


Community Activities Project Ealing (CAPE) is a charity that supports people with mental health issues in the London Borough of Ealing. They offer a range of services, such as counselling, peer support, social activities, and training, to help their clients improve their well-being and recovery. CAPE has been operating since 1992 and has a team of 25 staff and 40 volunteers who work across four sites.


CAPE had an in-house IT colleague who was retiring, and were looking to now move to an outsourced IT support model for the organisation. They needed a reliable and cost-effective IT partner who could take over the management of their IT systems, provide ongoing support and advice, and help them improve their IT infrastructure and security. They also wanted a smooth and seamless transition process, as they had a tight deadline before their in-house IT colleague left. Angela, the CEO of CAPE, had worked with Qlic at a previous organisation, so reached out to us to see how we could help them with their IT needs. 


We didn’t have long before the outgoing colleague retired, so we absorbed all the information we could obtain during the free onboarding audit and then undertook a thorough audit of CAPE’s IT systems. Alongside their IT support starting, we delivered a Best Practice Analysis report covering dozens of topics such as cyber security, backups, networking, hardware auditing amongst other things. We identified the areas where CAPE’s IT systems were performing well, and where they needed improvement or upgrading. We then worked with CAPE to prioritise and implement the recommendations from the report, within their budget and timeframe. We also provided them with unlimited remote and onsite support, proactive monitoring and maintenance, and regular reviews and reports.


By outsourcing their IT support to us, CAPE was able to benefit from the following results: 

  • A smooth and hassle-free transition process, with minimal disruption to their operations and staff. 
  • A more secure and robust IT infrastructure. 
  • A more efficient and productive IT environment, with upgraded hardware and better utilised Microsoft 365 solutions. 
  • A more responsive and reliable IT support, with fast and friendly service, 24/7 availability, and proactive problem-solving. 
  • A more strategic and proactive IT partnership, with regular reviews, expert advice and ongoing improvement and innovation. 


  • The charity achieved a successful transition to outsourced IT support, with no loss of data or downtime. 
  • They enhanced their IT security and resilience, reducing the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches. 
  • They improved their IT efficiency and productivity, enabling them to deliver better services to their clients and staff. 
  • They saved time and money on their IT management, freeing up resources for their core mission and activities. 
  • They gained a trusted and long-term IT partner, who understood their needs and goals and helped them achieve them. 

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