Beacon Family Services

Case Study


Beacon Family Services is a UK-based non-profit organisation that provides essential support and resources to families in need. Founded over two decades ago, Beacon Family Services has grown steadily, serving an increasing number of families facing various challenges, including financial instability, housing issues, and childcare needs. As Beacon Family Services expanded its services, its IT infrastructure evolved organically, resulting in a complex and inefficient system that hindered productivity and scalability.


Beacon Family Services faced a significant challenge in its IT infrastructure. The existing setup, developed without a cohesive strategy, lacked consistency, making it difficult to onboard new users effectively. Charlotte, Beacon Family Services’ CEO, was overwhelmed with the burden of managing in-house IT issues alone. Additionally, the absence of external IT support further compounded the challenges, impacting Beacon Family Services’ ability to serve its beneficiaries efficiently.


Qlic was here to help address Beacon Family Services IT challenges and implement a strategic plan to modernise and streamline their IT infrastructure while supplying ongoing IT support services:

Migration to Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online: We transitioned Beacon Family Services from a fragmented file-sharing system to a unified and collaborative environment in Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online. Our IT support at Qlic ensured that any issues were promptly addressed, minimising disruptions.

Migration to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online: We migrated Beacon Family Services email system from an outdated IMAP solution to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, enhancing email communication reliability, security, and scalability, with continuous IT support for email-related matters.

Enrolment in Microsoft Intune: We enrolled all Beacon Family Services’ staff devices in Microsoft Intune for centralised device management, ensuring consistent security policies, software updates, and remote troubleshooting capabilities, all backed by our ongoing IT support services.

Ongoing IT Support Services: At Qlic, we provided continuous IT support services to address any IT-related issues, maintain system reliability, and assist with ongoing technical needs, ensuring a seamless IT environment for Beacon Family Services.


The transformation of Beacon Family Services’ IT infrastructure was everything they hoped for.

Enhanced Productivity: The streamlined Microsoft 365 environment improved collaboration and efficiency, enabled by our continuous IT support, allowing Beacon Family Services staff to focus more on their core mission of supporting families in need.

Reduced IT Burden: Charlotte, the CEO, experienced a significant reduction in her workload as IT issues became more manageable with our ongoing IT support, allowing her to concentrate on strategic leadership.

Improved Security: The migration to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online and enrolment in Microsoft Intune enhanced Beacon Family Services’ IT security, protected by our continuous IT support, ensuring sensitive data remained safe and compliance with data protection regulations.

Scalability: The modernised infrastructure set the stage for Beacon Family Services to expand its services, with ongoing IT support to accommodate growth and easily onboard new staff and volunteers.


  • Streamlined IT infrastructure for improved productivity.
  • Reduced IT support burden, with ongoing IT support services.
  • Enhanced cyber security and data protection measures.
  • Scalability to support Beacon Family Services’ growth and expansion.


We’re really happy with our onboarding experience. Everyone at Qlic is so personable and no problem is too big. They always take the time to talk to our staff and make them feel at ease! 

Charlotte Jenkins
Beacon Family Services

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