Age UK Surrey

Case Study


  • Secondary Server
  • SysPeace Server Protection
  • DrayTrek Router
  • New Monitors
  • Replacement UPS


Age UK Surrey, although having invested heavily in a modern cloud-based IT strategy, were struggling with their current IT provider. They had been set up with a datacenter-hosted Terminal Server which was very slow and caused frequent disconnections, due to poor configuration and management of their server environment.

The security of their server was a concern, especially with the increase in brute force attacks aimed at Terminal Services.  Age UK Surrey were experiencing frequent VPN drop-outs affecting their productivity. Additionally, the UPS at their head office had a very low capacity, meaning it was unable to facilitate power to all necessary devices.

Finally, Age UK Surrey were working with an end of life DrayTek Router which was no longer receiving any firmware or security updates from the manufacturer.


Following our meeting with Age UK Surrey and assessment of their network, we proposed moving them over to our Enterprise IT Support package, providing them with unlimited onsite and remote support as well as pro-active management of their server environment.

Following a Best Practice Analysis, it was noted the current datacentre environment was part of the issue for their downtime, therefore we recommended a complete migration into a AAA-rated data center location.

Their outgoing IT provider had locked the Wyse Terminal machines down and not provided management access, which meant they required a complete rebuild by Premier. This ensured that they would have full management and improved overall efficiency.

A secondary server was installed and implemented, and the existing server was completely rebuilt and upgraded to improve the performance and reliability.

We advised Age UK Surrey to implement SysPeace Server Protection to ensure high level protection for their remote server. SysPeace is a professional Host-based Intrusion Detection and Prevention System that detects and blocks any intruders at the gate.

We recommended replacing the end of life DrayTek Router’s with a new DrayTek 2862N, which enabled us to manage connectivity to their offices remotely.

We recommended replacing all monitors and supplying desk mounts to improve their overall working environment and productivity.



Following sign-off of the Best Practice Analysis recommendations, the rebuild and change of the server location took place over a weekend by a dedicated project manager and team. This was done out of business hours to ensure minimal disruption to the charity.


The implementing of SysPeace Server Protection, DrayTek Router, new monitors, and the replacement of their UPS took place a second weekend.


Our team members were on-site at Age UK Surrey to provide them with user training and answer any questions or queries. They also had immediate use of our managed support team to provide fast, pro-active responses and resolutions to all support needs.


There was a significant increase in server performance and reduction in downtime, resulting from the implementation of the new server in a better datacentre location.

This also provided a significantly better level of security for the whole server environment.

Age UK Surrey continue to benefit from the added peace of mind of having our support team on-hand with fast responses and resolutions in the event of any problems with their devices or IT infrastructure.

Age UK Surrey were very impressed with our work overall that they decided to commit to an ongoing Enterprise Support contract with Premier!


“Since Premier built our new server things have been amazing here, what a good job, we are so pleased that we can keep working and especially now we are home based, we could not have done it without Premier.”
Lynne Oliver
Age UK Surrey