Age UK Hammersmith & Fulham

Case Study


Age UK Hammersmith & Fulham, based in West London, is a renowned charitable organisation dedicated to supporting and empowering older individuals in the boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham. With a strong commitment to enhancing seniors’ lives, the organisation combats social isolation, provides vital support services, promotes healthy aging, and advocates for seniors’ rights. Through its wide range of initiatives, Age UK Hammersmith & Fulham continues to make a significant impact on the well-being and independence of older adults in the local community.


Age UK Hammersmith & Fulham had previously partnered with an IT provider that exhibited slow response times, poor performance, and a lack of regular account review meetings with their assigned account manager. This posed significant challenges for the organisation, hindering their ability to effectively utilise technology in serving the needs of older individuals in the community. Recognising the importance of reliable and efficient IT support, Age UK Hammersmith & Fulham made the decision to seek out a new IT provider that could offer prompt responses, improved performance, and proactive engagement through regular account review meetings. This strategic shift aimed to ensure smooth operations and enhance the organisation’s ability to provide vital services to the aging population they serve.


At Qlic, we were privileged to be referred to Age UK Hammersmith & Fulham by one of our esteemed clients, Age UK Ealing. As a company with extensive experience working with charities, we quickly grasped the challenges the organisation was facing. We understood the significance of their IT struggles, including slow response times, poor performance, and the absence of regular account review meetings. Leveraging our expertise, we offered tailored solutions to address these issues head-on.

Upon engagement, Qlic IT conducted a comprehensive survey and audit of Age UK Hammersmith & Fulham’s IT systems. This enabled us to gain a thorough understanding of their infrastructure. Subsequently, we prepared a detailed Best Practice Report, outlining our findings and recommendations to optimise their IT setup and enhance operational efficiency.


Our solution for Age UK Hammersmith & Fulham allowed us to provide them with a reliable and efficient IT support solution, ensuring they could effectively serve their community with unwavering commitment and dedication.

Our comprehensive IT Support service continues to provide advice and support to end users and our commitment to delivering the best IT solutions allows them to navigate their IT landscape with confidence and efficiency.


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