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Brightgauge is an online client reporting dashboard where you can view various aspects of your support tickets with your IT Provider. BrightGauge Client Reporting system offers


Autotask is a leading IT Business Management software provider. It combines RMM, service desk, CRM, projects, time and billing and reporting into one unified platform. We’re

Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT Support is from a third-party managed service provider (MSP) outside of our company.

In-House IT Support

In-house IT support is having your own IT department or IT specialist inside your organisation.

Managed Print Services

Managed print services involve outsourcing the management and maintenance of print infrastructure, including printers, copiers and scanners to a third-party provider.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security refers to the protection of end-user devices, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets from various security threats, including malware, viruses, and phishing

Network Security

Network security involves implementing various measures to protect computer networks, devices and data from unauthorised access or other malicious attacks.

Patch Management

Patch management is the process of identifying, testing and applying software updates or patches to fix vulnerabilities and improve the performance of computer systems and

Onsite Support

Onsite support involves dispatching IT technicians to the client’s location to diagnose and resolve technical issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

Remote Support

Remote support involves accessing and troubleshooting computer systems, networks, and applications from a remote location.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

An SLA is a contract between a service provider and the customer that outlines the specific services, performance levels and responsibilities of both parties.

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