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IT support refers to the assistance provided to users of your existing technology hardware, software or services. This can include troubleshooting technical issues, providing basic training & education, and offering guidance on best practices. As well as facilities management requests such as, setting up new users, mailboxes and removing users.

1. Items COVERED by the Support Contract 

1.1. Support for agreed upon users as per the signed Customer Order Form.

1.1.1. Relates to specific sites as per signed Customer Order Form. 

1.1.2. Relates to equipment with a Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating system permanently installed and monitored by Qlic IT’s screenconnect software. 

1.2. Third Party support for issues relating to commercially available line of business software where a current vendor support contract is in place. 

1.3. Individual line of business software installations, where the installation takes less than 15 minutes. 

1.3.1. Server-side line-of-business software patches (excluding version upgrades). 

1.3.2. Important firmware updates for supported hardware, including Network Routing Equipment, Firewall and Servers.

1.4 Permission auditing and changes up to a maximum of 45 minutes per request

1.5 Software re-installation and device for configuration for workstations where required for a support requests COVERED here.

1.6 Software re-installation and device for configuration for workstations purchased through Qlic IT and repaired under warranty.


2. Items NOT covered by the Support Contract

2.1. In line with best practice guidelines, Qlic IT are not obliged to provide administrator logins (although we may do so at our discretion) – either directly to the client or to a nominated third party – whilst the client is in a support contract with Qlic IT. This is to negate the scenario of conflicting authorities on the same domain for compliance purposes and to denote whom it is that is responsible for the sole maintenance of the network. 

2.2. Devices running a Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating system that are outside of vendor support. 

2.3. Configuration of any imaging or print device installed by a third party vendor. 

2.4. Unless specifically stated on the Customer Order Form, any work requested that doesn’t fit with your line of business, including work of a domestic or non-commercial nature, including (but not limited to) the installation, configuration or support of): 

2.4.1. A personal email account 

2.4.2. Domestic networking equipment, other than at a supported site for your primary internet connection 

2.4.3. Software of a domestic nature (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) 

2.4.4. Hardware that doesn’t fit with your primary line of business (gaming peripherals and components, novelty USB peripherals, personal mobile devices, etc.) 

2.5. Installation, configuration and / or support of equipment not provided by Qlic IT, unless we specifically agree to add the equipment to your Customer Order Form. 

2.6. Broadband installations and migrations. 

2.7. Site moves or physical relocation of any equipment, whether supported by Qlic IT or not.

2.8. Major network reconfiguration. 

2.9. Any work required following a disaster event; including but, not limited to; 

2.9.1 Data recovery, and assistance rebuilding systems or services following data corruption, hardware failure, fire or theft 

2.9.2 Data, network or cloud services recovery following unauthorised access, system breach or ransomware event

2.10.Major data migration. 

2.11.Disaster recovery planning or backup testing. 

2.12. Installation, configuration or support for software that is not licenced or no longer supported by the vendor or manufacturer. 

2.13. Installation, configuration or support for non-commercial software, including (but not limited to): 

2.13.1. Open source software 

2.13.2. Freeware software 

2.13.3. Software not designed or licenced for commercial use 

2.14.Major software installations & upgrades, including (but not limited to): 

2.14.1. Situations where additional scoping or planning is required 

2.14.2. Where there is a high risk of data loss 

2.14.3. Where there is a significant time investment in installing the software or upgrade 

2.15.Any damage or disruption, whether hardware or software related, caused by the actions of the client, the client’s employees or a third party, whether intentional or accidental. 

2.16.Consumable or loan equipment. 

2.17.Accreditation / compliance / GDPR Data access requests or assistance. 

2.18.Auditing of hardware and/or software requested by a third party. 

2.19.Cleaning and/or tidying of hardware/comms room/network rack. 

2.20.Data cabling installation/repair.

2.21 Software re-installation and device for configuration for workstations where required that have not previously been onboarding by Qlic IT, or that require re-installation due to support requests NOT COVERED.

2.22 On-site workstation re-installation; all re-installation / re-imaging of workstations is required to be completed remotely or sent back to Qlic offices by courier (charges may apply) for re-installation.

Service Level Agreement


All calls aim to be responded to immediately and first line diagnostics will attempt to resolve at the time of the call. 

On-site Service Level Agreements are from the time at which our engineers have completed the necessary telephone and remote support and our team confirm that the only suitable course of action is that an engineer is required on-site.

Where specified, ‘hours’ refer to UK business operation hours 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). 


Complete degradation – all users and critical functions are affected. Item or service are completely unavailable.

Response Time

Tel: Immediate

Email: N/A

Ticket: N/A

On-Site: 4 hours

Out of Hours

Tel: 1 hour

Email: N/A

Ticket: N/A


Significant degradation – large number of users or critical functions affected.

Response Time

Tel: Immediate

Email: N/A

Ticket: N/A

On-Site: 9 hours

Out of Hours

Tel: 2 hours

Email: N/A

Ticket: N/A


Limited degradation – limited number of users or functions affected. Business processes can continue.

Response Time

Tel: 30 mins

Email: 2 hours

Ticket: 2 hours

On-Site: 18 hours

Out of Hours

Tel: 4 hours

Email: N/A

Ticket: N/A


Small degradation – few users or one user affected. Business processes can continue.

Response Time

Tel: 1 hour

Email: 4 hours

Ticket: 4 hours

On-Site: 27 hours

Out of Hours

Tel: 8 hours

Email: N/A

Ticket: N/A


New / Change / Remove User or Permissions Requests etc.

Resolution Time

Email: 4 Business Days

Ticket: 4 Business Days


Out of Hours


We would request that any Fatal, Severe or Out of Hours faults be initially reported by telephone to ensure the fastest possible response.

Out of hours support is charged over and above the standard agreement on an ad-hoc basis (outside of SLA), or can added to the agreement in blocks of hours, or on an unlimited basis. Contact your account manager for more details.

Response Time

This is the maximum amount of time (during business hours) that it should take for us to get back to you, and confirm who is dealing with your ticket.

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