The Key to Onboarding New Employees Remotely

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As we gradually come out of Covid-19 restrictions, it’s becoming evident that some companies may be returning to the office whereas others will stick to remote working for the foreseeable future. This has meant that many organisations are now resorting to conducting their staff onboarding processes remotely, which means slight adjustments will have to be made to keep that process smooth for employer and employee.  Keep reading to find out our tips for creating a smooth onboarding process for your organisation!

1. Preparation for the First Day

Preparing new employees you’re onboarding in advance of the first day is key! This could include things such as emailing over your company’s employee handbook, working hours and any company equipment they may need.

They may also need initial IT Support to help set up their new equipment in preparation for the first day, or perhaps even want the device to be pre-configured so it’s ready for the new starter to switch on and start using. At Premier Choice Internet, our IT Service Desk is dedicated to providing specialist IT Support for those in need, check us out!

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2. Software & Tools Introduction  

Next is the nitty-gritty!  Running through with new employees about your company’s software and the way you operate is vitally important to bringing the user up to scratch as quick as possible. Providing them with step-by-step tutorials on software like Microsoft 365 Exchange Online and cyber security measures your organisation has in place (such as Multi-Factor Authentication) will help them feel secure and remain compliant with your business policies.

If your company is working via a server, now could be a great time to implement a cloud-based system! This ensures that your team can access their files from anywhere on any device, no matter where they are in the world. It also means that you will no longer have the responsibility of having office-based servers to maintain, so your organisation can be truly independent from a hardware-based infrastructure! Talk to our Technical Account Managers today to pick their brains on the best cloud solution for your business.

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3. Training & Goal Setting

Training is a massive part of setting up all new employees. Creating a plan and schedule entailing all of the training materials for the new starter will help them to get up to speed quickly. Online materials like online training as well as one-to-one training is a great way to provide the necessary skillset for the new employee.

By setting early SMART goals, the business can help to provide the new starter with a roadmap to ‘success’. Not only will this make new employees feel engaged but they will also have a clear vision of what is expected of them.

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4. Virtual Meet-Up With the Team  

Finally, getting to know the team at your company will make new employees feel at ease! By scheduling a virtual meet-n-greet on Microsoft Teams, the individual being onboarded will be able to chat with the team and get to know all about them.

At Premier Choice Internet, we use Microsoft Teams regularly to communicate with our team members in or out of the office. Teams features a chat and video call function so you don’t miss out on the face-to-face interactions we all miss from being in the office!

virtual meetings

Get in contact with our Technical Account Managers today if you have any questions revolved around setting up new starters or if you have any general IT questions. We’re here to help!

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