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Data Cabinet Tidy

In our experience, cabling (even “spaghetti”- like messes) are the last concern of most organisations. Until something happens of course. When all business operations must be stopped because of a faulty cable, this is when cabinet tidiness becomes of the utmost importance.

We know that every organisation is unique, with different needs and requirements. For this reason, every cabinet tidy project we undertake is different. Instead of applying the same formula every time, our skilled technicians and engineers come up with a unique solution that matches your organisations needs and fits within budgets and deadlines.


An on-site survey would be conducted by a member of our team. They will assess the situation and offer you feedback on our findings, along with recommendations on how to fix any issues we found.


Whether you move to a new London building or simply want to move things around your current office space, we can help you structure and order everything properly.


The installation of colour-coded cables is ideal to help you manage your network in the long run without any complications. We can also help you avoid tangling or trailing by replacing your patch cables with cables of the correct length.


When we install new cable trays and trunking for you, it will help keep your cables together and perfectly organised at all times.


As your network grows, you may need to add new frames. Doing this with the help of professionals is the best way to ensure long-term scalability without any performance loss.

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