Hybrid Events For Charities – The New Normal

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Is your charity thinking of hosting an event soon? Due to recent events, people are increasingly started to manage their work and daily tasks, such as online ordering, from the comfort of their own homes. So what better way to make your upcoming events of more interest than by making them Hybrid events! This is a great way to host your events going forward as it combines in person events, for those who love to go to the event location, with a live-streamed version of the event which would be shared online for those who didn’t want to or couldn’t attend the event in-person.

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What are the main benefits of Hybrid Events?


1. Greater Reach

Not everyone who would love to attend your event will be able to due to conflicts with their schedules, event location etc, so by making it a Hybrid event, those who were unable to attend will be able to watch the whole event at a time that suits them! Also, Hybrid events will allow you to have a wider audience reach and a considerably larger target group can be addressed. People from all over the world will be able to tune into your live-streamed event and your hosts can be easily contacted even without meeting the individual in person. 

2. More Sponsors

When it comes to getting sponsors for your events, the Hybrid component will make it even more attractive as it means that they will be visible not only to the physical participants at the event, but also to the digital participants. Hybrid events are getting a lot of media coverage at this current time due to it being a new and upcoming type of event, meaning you and your sponsors will receive a lot of coverage and brand recognition on social media.

3. Reduction in Costs

The attendees who would have had to travel to the event location will now have considerable cost savings and they can watch the event from the comfort of their own home, this will make the event more appealing for those on a budget! Hybrid events will also allow your charity to save money on the event location as you would only need a smaller function room compared to normal, as well as transporting event goods to and from the event location, catering, and overall CO2 emissions.


How to host a Hybrid Event Effectively


1. The Right Technology

By using the correct technology along with the right marketing platforms your hybrid event will be a huge success. Microsoft Teams has a live feature so that your speakers are able to record the event and speak with virtual attendees in real-time as if they’re really there in the room with you! On Microsoft Teams, it features the video function and chat function so your attendees are able to see you and send you messages on the live event which you can then answer in real-time. Also, if your charity is interested in implementing Microsoft Teams, we can provide you with amazing third sector discounts for non-profit organisations!

2. Support on Hand

With in-person events, the hosts would not have to worry so much about technical difficulties as their attendees would be within the same proximity as them, however with Hybrid events, there is definitely room for technical difficulties for both the hosts and the attendees due to their technology experiencing downtime etc. That’s why when hosting a Hybrid event, you should have a support team on hand to help resolve any tech issues as quickly and swiftly as they can!

At Premier Choice Internet, we pride ourselves on fast response and a proactive approach to all IT issues that are thrown our way! Click here to find out more about our expert IT support desk and here to view all of our testimonials!

3. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Planning a thorough schedule for your event day is vital! Mapping out the times of which each of your speakers will doing their segments, break times, the topics you will be covering, linking your slideshows to the live event is key. Putting together a schedule for the day leaves little room for slipups and means that you will come across as being more professional to your attendees!


Any Queries?


If you have any queries about any of the above information then please don’t hesitate to contact us, our expert IT team are here to help and are currently offering Free IT Consultations for all businesses here!


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