The Best Virtual & In-Person Charity Fundraising Ideas

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Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the process of fundraising, it has not dampened charity’s spirits as there are some great ways to arrange a fundraiser virtually! So, not only have we listed below some great socially distanced fundraising options, but we have also listed some general charity fundraising ideas which can be arranged for when the pandemic has come to an end!

Virtual Charity Fundraising Ideas

  1. Virtual Marathon – Unfortunately, group activities have been put on pause due to Covid-19, however, many individuals can now complete forms of exercising from home! Use your treadmill or bike to build up those miles and create a donations page to collect sponsorship from your family and friends.
  2. Virtual Games Night – Due to the development of technology, it has never been easier to communicate with individuals over the internet! Simply organise a games night full of quizzes and online games. You could even set the challenge to 24 hours of online Games Night to make it interesting for sponsors!
  3. Virtual Bake-Off – Simply choose a recipe, send it round to your colleagues or friends and bake along together on Microsoft Teams. Will your charity make the best bake?
  4. Create a Fundraising Website – Your charity can create its own website through which you can advertise your current fundraising campaigns and success stories. By doing so you can connect with your current sponsors and engage with a new online audience of potential sponsors.
    Does your charity need a website? Check out our own Charity Website Designs
  5. Create a Charity Blog – According to Social Media today, 77% of Internet users read blogs. Creating a blog will mean you can feature it with your charity’s worthwhile causes and fundraising activities. Furthermore, if you include a link at the bottom of your blog to your charity’s website or online fundraising page, then you will encourage online users to donate towards your organisation and to encourage others to participate in your fundraising events. Check out our own Charity Blogs

In-person Charity Fundraising Ideas

  1. Donate as you Shop– Simply register your non-profit organisation on the Easy Fundraising website and then every time you shop online the retailer will make a donation towards your cause. Every three months your charity will then receive these retailer donations via your preferred payment method.
  2. Themed Events– Your charity can organise themed events based on seasonal holidays in order to generate donations for your cause, or you can create a ‘Casual Fridays’ event each month where people can donate £1 to dress up. By promoting these events to local offices or schools, you can raise money, as well as promoting your charity and its campaigns to a wider audience of prospective sponsors.
  3. Sports events – There are approximately 7 million fun runners in the UK; out of which 62% have run a 5k, 10k or half marathon. You can capitalise upon these active sponsors by organising a series of sports events for your charity. By advertising locally and online you can arrange annual events wherein participants carry out sponsored runs for your charity.
  4. Bake-sales – This is a great way to introduce children to charitable volunteering and fundraising activities. When organising your bake sales, it is worthwhile investigating local fetes and fairs which will allow you to sell your cakes at their events.
  5. Work-based fundraisers – Work-based fundraisers are a simple yet highly effective way through which you can raise funds for your non-profit organisation. Popular work-based fundraisers include loose change jars and swear jars when it is safe to return to your office. These small donations can amount to a big difference in your charity’s objectives.
If you would like some more charity fundraising ideas, keep an eye on our Premier Charity Challenge where we will be taking on different challenges each month to raise money for local charities.

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