Our IT Relationship

With Age UK Brand Partners

Exclusive Free IT Consultation For Age UK

We’re offering all new Age UK Partners that sign up with us at Qlic, a completely free IT consultation, worth £1,000! (valid until 12th October). Our IT experts at Qlic can provide your Age UK with a Best Parctice Analysis on what IT infastructure, software or hardware is slowing down your productivity and recommend the top solutions.

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Our Bespoke Offering For Age UK Partners

At Qlic, we’ve had the opportunity to improve multiple Age UK’s IT environments for the past 10 years. This has helped us gain thorough knowledge of Age UK’s IT challenges which helped us put together some bespoke offerings for Age UK Partners. Find out more about our bespoke offers during a free IT consultation. Schedule your FREE IT Consultation below!

Exclusive Discounted Pricing For Age UK

We have amazing discounts in place for all Age UK Partners supported by us. The more supported by us, the higher the discount on our services.

24/7 Support

At Qlic, we offer the same optimised level of IT services to all Age UK Partners that we support. This includes our 24hr IT Support.

Overarching IT

With supporting many Age UKs over the years, the more thorough our experience has become with their IT challenges and environments.


We enable a more thorough approach to reporting, consultation and best practices from individual Age UKs through to regional trends.

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Qlic's Partnership With Age UK

At Qlic, we’ve been supporting multiple Age UK’s Brand Partners for nearly 20 years. When our partnership with Age UK began, we started off with auditing their IT environment to find out how we could perfect their IT set-ups to ensure the team can work efficiently. We’ve then gone on to complete many IT Projects for our Age UK partners, including SharePoint Migrations, laptop builds, office moves and much more. We’ve also provided them with ongoing managed IT Support to help them with any IT issues they may face.

We’re very grateful for the opportunity to be partners with multiple Age UK Brand Partners and we look forward to carrying on the partnership and supporting their IT environment and infrastructure.

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