5 Reasons to Update Your Website

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Your website is often the first interaction you have with a potential customer. If they have never heard of you before and have found you online what impression does your website give. We have all done it, found a company online, looked at the homepage and immediately left because it wasn’t user friendly, didn’t load quickly or just generally didn’t look great. When was the last time you went onto your website as a potential customer and really looked at what your online shop window is showing the world. There is of course no magic formula that can ensure that everyone that lands on your website wants to stay but here are 5 facts to bear in mind.

First Impressions Count

On average you have 10 seconds to make a good first impression, that does not give you long to get that new visitor engaged. 10 seconds is not long enough to read all that great content you have hidden at the bottom of the page, that first impression is on look and feel. Ensure your website looks great, use striking imagery and carefully consider your headers. Make it easy for them to identify your key selling points and your core products or services.

Content is King but Imagery is the Crown

Your website has to fulfill several roles. You want to engage visitors, impart all the benefits of your business and of course get noticed by search engines. Each of these require different styles which can be tricky to get right. In terms of engaging with your visitors, imagery definitely leads the way. In fact, generally people only read just over a quarter of the content on a page. Look across the internet and especially the social networks, your eye is drawn first to the images and then to the content. Use good quality, interesting imagery to draw your visitors in and back that up with engaging content full of keywords.

3 Seconds to Launch

Mobile first website are leading the way, with speed and usability being essential to users. 40% of users say that they will leave a website if it takes longer that 3 seconds to load. Be conscious of the content you are adding to your site, ensure that images and videos are appropriately sized and transitions are smooth and quick. With a considerable number of users accessing your site from a mobile device having a mobile optimised site is essential, especially as search engines are now penalising sites that aren’t.

F the Layout

The way you layout your site is key to how users engage with your content. In general users scan a web page in an F shape. Their eyes will scan the top of the page first, taking in brand name, logo and menu bar options, then move down the page and scan quickly across a little but less far and lastly down the left hand side of the page. Consider this when designing your site to ensure you most important content is within the F.

Out of Service, Out of Mind

With customer-focus central in this day and age, your website should be seen as an extension of your customer service. If your website doesn’t work users will feel like they have received poor service and are much less likely to return. Check your links work properly, that your images load and that your user journey is clear and user friendly. You should make a point of using your website regularly and ensure that it is delivering the best experience.


Think carefully about what you want your website to deliver and ensure that it is making the best first impression. You often only get one chance with a new customer, so leave them feeling great about your company and excited to come back.

Qlic have a wealth of experience from web design, to engaging content, to full development. If you would like help with your website, whether new or existing get in touch with us today or find out more online.

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